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Run Criki Android App Review

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Run Criki, developed by bonsai gameStudio, is a runner game that will have you searching out munchies for your character.

With unique characters and fun graphics, you’ll find the side-scroller animation not only entertaining but extremely familiar in the way it plays.

Your objective: make your way back to Uruguay, dodging obstacles, and munching magic things, using your power-ups to enhance the experience.

The controls are simple, with an easy jump button you won’t have to mess around with figuring out how to play the game, and instead will be able to instantly pick it up and play.

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Run Criki is an extremely fun game that is very quick to pick up and play. The fun graphics is what make this game entertaining.

Run Criki is free to download on the Google Play Store.



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Ramiro Simon

awesome game!! I love the power ups! And is full of fun!

jf sebastion
jf sebastion

Totally agree, been rocking it for days straight!

Ramiro Simon

hahaha! did you see the get munchies part with the burger ..LOL

Vitoria Chili
Vitoria Chili

Excelente gamePlay and graphics! When the cricket goes to paradaise and raise the weed plant is so unique! The best game that I have ever play..full of fun