Rush of Heroes is a fun multiplayer game that has a fresh, new take on this niche. Originally based from China, it has made its way into the international market quite successfully. Indeed, it combines the excitement of card trading games with 3D graphics and some control over your characters.


The Game

In Rush of Heroes, you have a team of “heroes”, who are mostly ogres or trolls or other mystical creatures. You fight smaller monsters in levels, and every few levels you fight a “boss”. The game’s entire first stage was quite easy and I ran through the monsters easily. There is little control over your characters except that once they fight some enemies, they will be able to use their “skill” at your control. You can also collect items once you kill enemies.

The back end system is very complete and interesting where you can unlock new heroes, get more items, upgrade your hero’s clothing and skills, etc. The game can seem quite overwhelming but the first stage is very easy and players have plenty of chances to get used to the game (never went under 90% health in the first stage). There are also mini games you can play and multiplayer PVP battles.


Different Characters

In regular RPGs, there may be good-looking players and epic skills. The dialogue is usually serious and exciting. Rush of Heroes changes that stereotype – the heroes often joke around and look very cute. In fact, the company behind Rush of Heroes, Firefly Games, hired comedians for the purpose of making the game fun and relaxing. There’s lots of potential for gameplay and the game is addicting itself – it’s also quite social with multiplayer battles, scoreboards, etc. and there are daily rewards. Rush of Heroes takes the best from many games and puts them together in one great game.

Connection Issues

Rush of Heroes is not without issues, though. Even though I was on a high-speed wifi network (strong WIFI strength), it kept bringing up connection errors. A few seconds later, it’d be fine (without me moving or changing networks). This may be a small bug for me, but there’s many reviews on the Google Play market criticizing the connection issues.