Samsung sells more than 100 Million Galaxy S Units Within Three Years of Original Launch Date.

It’s official. Technology guru turned smartphone giant, Samsung, has sold over 100 million models of its Galaxy S smartphone since the release of the first model about three years ago and they made the announcement on Monday. Released in May 2010, the original Galaxy S was Samsung’s attempt to remain on top in the smartphone arena. Apple had begun changing the smartphone industry with the release of the iPhone and Samsung had to retaliate.

Samsung was able to accomplish their goal and managed to outsell Apple and Nokia in smartphones last year. In fact, Apple’s iPhone sales did not reach the 100 million mark until 2011, which is almost 4 years after its release. Samsung

In total, Samsung reports that it has sold more than 25 million Galaxy S phones, 40 million Galaxy S II smartphones and 41 million Galaxy S III models.  Some analysts think that Samsung will be releasing the Galaxy S 4 sometime this year. The Samsung Galaxy S models remain the most popular smartphone that uses Andriod, Google’s popular mobile operating system.

Samsung made the monumental announcement regarding their sales on Flickr by posting photos of groups of people displaying ‘100,000,000’ in succession on their Galaxy S smartphones.

This announcement may come as bad news for Apple as the demand for the Galaxy’s rival, the iPhone 5, becomes a little sluggish. The Wall Street Journal reported this week that Apple has cut manufacturing orders for iPhone 5 components such as its screens, by half for this quarter.

With Samsung meeting major sales goals before Apple, as well as stealing enough of its business to cause a reduction in the manufacture of parts, there is a distinct possibility that Samsung could become the top smartphone in the world.

Which Smartphone do you think will ultimately reign supreme? Samsung’s Galaxy S or Apple’s iPhone?