Samsung Galaxy J7 Receives A New Security Update

The Samsung Galaxy J7 is ready for its April security update in regards to the Android OS running on the device. Users of the Samsung Galaxy J7 are set to receive the minor software update that comes at a small size of 26 MB by the end of this week.

The security update comes at a patch number J710FXXU3AQD4 and focuses on mainly security vulnerabilities within the OS running on the device, covering the monthly patch Samsung has promised users to provide. Samsung is well-known for its success in customer satisfaction and the smartphone manufacturing giant doesn’t neglect any of their customers or users.

The update itself provides a patch and fix to over 49 Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) and almost over 16 glitches in Samsung’s own applications and software. The patch has only been deployed out to users of the Samsung Galaxy J7 in India. However, it is believed that the software update will be deployed out onto other markets in the coming week. Therefore, for users who have not yet received the software update, this could be a reason why.

In addition, since the update rolls out on-the-air, the update will take time to be received in the notification bar of Samsung Galaxy J7 smartphone devices. However, if users want to make sure your device indeed hasn’t received any update yet, users can manually check for it by going to Settings > About Phone > Software Updates.