Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Users Report Fast Charging Issues

Samsung released its 7th edition of their Galaxy series, the Galaxy S7 a year ago in 2016, and fans were wonderfully shocked with the Samsung Galaxy S7’s Li-Ion 3,000mAh battery and the S7 Edge’s 3,600 mAh battery unit.

Nowadays, batteries play an essential part in a buyers choice to get a different cell phone. Especially with the fast battery draining applications smartphones use. Users are regularly in a hurry and have a tendency to rely upon smartphones to help us in various different aspects. For example, GPS navigation, calculator use, music, photography, entertainment and much, much, more.

The capacity to charge your gadget at a quick rate is presumably a standout amongst the most significant achievements of the current years and it’s apparent that Samsung needs to be on top of it.

Samsung noted this importance and introduced Quick Charger 2.0 functionality for its devices. Despite the fact that this is probably not the most effective or fastest quick charging technology out there, it is still very handy and very functional. With the correct charger or outside the battery, users are able to charge their phone’s batteries in approximately 15 minutes.

Be that as it may, an online survey thread through the ‘Android Central’ discussion board suggests that some Galaxy S7 Edge users have been experiencing issues when charging their smartphones using the quick charge functionality. Despite the fact that users devices were fairly new, they claimed that their Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge fails to charge at the standard quick pace it normally does.

Some users of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge had even purchased a different charger to see whether or not the problem was with the charger. However, the issue was reported to still persist, implying that the problem lies within the hardware of the device.

Users experiencing these issues are suggested to go to Samsung with their devices and get a replacement while it’s still under warranty.