Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge And Galaxy S6 Edge
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge And Galaxy S6 Edge

Samsung Galaxy phones are some of the best devices on the market. The Galaxy phone brings lots of options like dual-pixel technology, brighter lens capacity, battery life, and expandable storage.

You might think that the Galaxy S7 Edge is the obvious choice when it comes to choosing Samsung phones, but many people were upset about the non-removable battery in the previous model. That being said, the Galaxy S6 Edge compares very well in many different side by side tests and it can save you a lot of money.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and Galaxy S6 Edge: Side to Side

One of the best options that comes with the S7 is the Always on display, plus an almost half an inch of screen extra. The S6 Edge comes with great resolution though; better than the newer model (by more than 20 ppi).

Design and Approach?

The S6 Edge and S7 both have sleek, streamlined forms. They’re both exceptionally slim and functional. The Galaxy S7 Edge is noticeably bigger, though (because the screen is larger). Everything looks great on the 5.5-inch AMOLED display. Unfortunately, the Galaxy series didn’t get 4K treatments for their phone displays, but they have the same QHD resolution and processing speed.

Edge Screens

You’ll also appreciate the edge screen on both models. On the S7 edge, the edge screen can do more and has double the pixels. It can use apps, contact information, tasks, tools, and handles. The S6 is handy too; allowing users to use the people edge, apps edge, and night clock function.

Both models are also waterproof for up to 30 minutes (up to a foot and a half of water). The battery amounts are much larger for the S7 Edge too, with more memory and storage capacity too. The S7 Edge has both slots for a microSD and nano SIM card that allows your storage to expand to 200 GB.


In Europe, the S7 will have an Exynos 8890 chipset and four cores that add up to a total of 2.4 GHz (and four with 1.6 Hz). Even in the US, these phones are expected to be 30 percent more powerful than their predecessors.

Both phone models are sleek and stylish. Of course, the Samsung S7 Edge will have a bit more power and considerably more features to consider.