Samsung Notebook 9 powerful CPUs desktop storage

Compact notebooks might not deliver the same level of processing power as their desktop counterparts, but with storage getting smaller and faster, you can get the same level of responsiveness from these mobile machines as do on those large monstrosities. Such is the case with the new Samsung Notebook 9 refresh, which comprises up of a total of two system upgrades. First off, they do not come with Intel’s Skylake processor, but a Kaby Lake one. They will be available to purchase later and have been divided into a total of two models; a 13.3-inch one and a 15-inch one.

Both of these notebooks possess a resolution of 1080p which is actually a good decision because Samsung has also managed to add a fair bit of battery life while reducing their thickness as well. According to the company, the new Notebook 9 lineup are able to deliver up to 7 hours of battery and use the USB-C interface to charge that battery. Samsung has also fitted in a new Adaptive Fast Charging tech and this is how it works. If you plug in any notebook model, be it the 13.3-inch one or the 15-inch one for a total of 20 minutes, the notebook will be able to provide you with a total of 2 hours of battery life, which is a handy feature to have.

The 7 hour-battery life is said to be fully charged after a period of 80 minutes, but this will also depend on the kind of tasks you are running on the notebook. If you will be running YouTube and streaming videos at 1080p, then don’t expect battery life to last that long. Pricing details of the Notebook 9 refresh have not been stated by Samsung, but we’re looking at the CES 2017 show where they will be probably be shown, along with their pricing and availability details too.

Don’t expect these notebooks to come cheap though.