Samsung could see up to 7 million customers move from Galaxy Note 7 to iPhone 7 Plus due to battery issues

After the affected batch of Galaxy Note 7 phones persisted with battery explosion issues, Samsung had no choice but to end the production of its flagship smartphone, causing a nose dive of the company’s market valuation.

According to the latest findings of KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, around half of Samsung’s customers might shift to find a better alternative to a Galaxy Note 7. Reviewers and critics alike called the Galaxy Note 7 the greatest Android smartphone ever made, and while it was packed with features that you could rarely find on other devices, combustion and explosions of batteries were two of the dreaded features too.

According to the analyst, approximately half of Samsung’s customers might leave the company’s phone lineup to look for a better alternative, which according to the analyst, is an iPhone 7 Plus. Featuring the same form factor as a Galaxy Note 7, iPhone 7 Plus also comes with the dual-camera feature, and adequate battery life, making it the perfect replacement. The starting price of the smartphone is also cheaper compared to Galaxy Note 7, meaning that users will also save plenty of money in the process.


The analyst also predicts that customers in between the 5-7 million range might leave Samsung’s phone lineup and in pursuit of a better replacement. This also shows that the company has damaged its reputation to a near-perpetual state. Hopefully, with the announcement of Galaxy S8, which is scheduled to arrive during the month of February 2017, Samsung might be able to make amends to its fullest capabilities.

Galaxy S8 is also expected to come with a slew of exclusive features not seen on any Galaxy smartphone before. This will range from a 4K display, to a dual-camera, to a new display tech as well.