Putin is sandworm. Sandworm is Putin.

Putin is sandworm. Sandworm is Putin.

So, a bunch of Russian hackers used a previously unknown Windows vulnerability to hack NATO, as well as very sensitive parts of the Ukraine and Poland’s digital infrastructure. Why the heck should you care? Because the exploit the Ruskies used is out in the wild and Microsoft has patch the vulnerability.

If you still don’t care, consider this — Remember when BlackPOS was just about Target and millions of consumer victims? When the hacker community learned how useful BlackPOS really is, it’s use went viral and now dozens more companies and tens of millions more Joe Sixpack victims.

Boom, it happened.

Now, PCWorld is reporting that the Sandworm vulnerability in Windows used by Russian hackers has been patched by Microsoft.

You can get the dish on Microsoft’s most important patch Tuesday in quite some time can be found here. Or, take my word for it that Microsoft has patched 24 vulnerabilities and issued an updated version of Internet Explorer.

“This is an urgent one to fix,” said Wolfgang Kandek, chief technology officer for IT security firm Qualys, though Windows XP is not affected by Sandworm.

Seriously, take this seriously and get Microsoft’s Sandworm patch.

More Than Sandworm, Mac Fans…

As is usually the case, Mac security problems pale in comparison to the evil Windows users endure. That said, while Microsoft has issued a Office for Mac patch, both Adobe Flash Player and Oracle Java are also in serious need of patching.

Yes, there are in-the-wild exploits that affect Flash and Java, two bug riddled technologies that generally don’t care what kind of computer you own. Mac or PC? Pfft, just get the updates

What’s your take?