Your phone can help you save money

Planning on saving money, huh? It’ll be tough not to spend money at the theatres, on the food, and at all the blah blah. But your best friend can help you keep track of your money and in turn help you save some.

Well, you may have a lot of friends but I’m talking about your smartphone. It’s always with you, you freak out when it’s not in your view. However, your friend might act like it doesn’t know anything about saving money but your friend’s way smarter than a lot of people, it just requires some concentration (app installations).

Here are some apps than you can install to keep track of your money, create earning goals, create budgets, and a lot more…whatever you can do with money.



I have tried two apps on Android: MoneyLover and Monefy. Of course, they are available on iOS’ App Store too. From the two, I think MoneyLover is the best as it offers a lot more compared to Monefy and I like its design, its simple and on point.

I wouldn’t have used Monefy at all but after I moved to a different phone, MoneyLover doesn’t work on it; it could be one of my experiments gone wrong. The app just keeps crashing. But don’t worry, it probably won’t crash on yours.

MoneyLover displays your expenditures with the help of cards, stacked in ascending manner. It will also notify you if you break your budget. It’s the go to app for tracking money. The app also offers premium features but I didn’t care to try them as the freemium features are more than enough for me and also for a lot people.

Monefy on the other hand, does the basic things correctly but it’s UI is not as good or even refined as MoneyLover’s. The UI looks as if it was inspired from a spiderweb. Also, it doesn’t offer all features, at least on paper.

There you go, remind your friend of its powers.