Sell Tether TRC20 (USDT) to Revolut card

Revolut represents a completely new vision of the banking system on the market. The bank is all collected in one mobile application, which works quickly and provides wide functionality. Despite this unusual offer for users, its popularity is due to the following advantages:

  • the ability to open an account free, and you don’t need to pay either for maintenance or for re-issuing a card;
  • zero commission when paying for goods and services, utility bills, mobile communications;
  • transfers are carried out instantly;
  • Communication with the support service is possible through popular instant messengers;
  • favorable deposit and lending conditions;
  • monthly cashback on certain categories of goods and services, which you can choose at the beginning of the month.

We can say that the Revolut card is ideal for storing and managing money in hryvnia. Therefore, those residents who invest in Tether often choose a card from this bank to withdraw cryptocurrency. The question arises: how to sell Tether TRC20 (USDT) to Revolut card? Open the link to know more.

How to choose an online exchanger for withdrawing Tether

Some investors invest in cryptocurrency expecting profit in the long term; that is, they simply wait for it to increase in value over the years. Others prefer to make money on it constantly, monitoring every change in the exchange rate. For such people, it is especially important to catch the moment in time to withdraw Tether USDT stablecoin in TRC-20 network at a high price, so they need a quick and easy method of exchange.

Electronic exchangers will provide the desired result, requiring minimal time and effort. The only problem is finding not only a profitable but also a safe option. It can be easily eliminated using a specialized service for monitoring online exchangers. For example, to decide where to exchange Tether for a Bank card in USD, use the aggregator of famous rates such as Bestchange. The ratings on this page are sorted by exchange rate, with the most profitable ones at the top. However, the exchange office that is on the first line is not always suitable because:

  • the current reserve is not large enough to exchange the required amount;
  • may not meet the minimum or maximum threshold for withdrawing bitcoins;
  • inappropriate application processing mode (there are automatic, semi-automatic, and manual), which affects the exchange speed.

How to withdraw Tether using an exchanger

To withdraw the Tether to Revolut card, go to the website Bestchange and select the appropriate currency pair. All proposals are presented in table form, which makes it easier to view and analyze the information. Next, having selected an exchanger that meets all the conditions, you must click on the line with its name.

Once on the exchange site, the user must fill out an application. As a standard, it requests fields such as the desired exchange amount, Tether wallet address, and Revolut card number. After this, you need to confirm the withdrawal from the crypto wallet, and this is where the procedure ends. The user will only have to go into the application after a while and check the balance, ensuring it has been replenished with the required amount.

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