SEO Marketing

Having a beautiful and ergonomic site is essential but it is profitable and generates contacts and sales is better.

To sustain your business, try not to rely on a single acquisition channel and therefore not to put all your eggs in one basket.

Tapscape tries to answer this need, by offering some tips to help you increase your sales and your contacts whether for a showcase or E-commerce site

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The SEO or SEO is an essential and indispensable acquisition channel to increase your sales through your website.

It is however (with social networks) the most difficult and time-consuming lever to set up, it takes between 2 and 6 months to start seeing your site well positioned in the search engines.

What is an average Budget for an Effective SEO campaign?

It depends on the size of your site, its condition, the competition and the work that has to be done to get you back. Normally Professional SEO Company charge anywhere from 1500$-5000$ for a small local business to increase its online exposure. Do not opt in for seo companies that give you a cookie cutter price. There is no such thing as fixed price in SEO as every business and their competition are not same.

Create a blog to advance your sales

Creating a blog will be good for your website and your business.

How can a blog help you increase your sales?

  • By showing your know-how,
  • By communicating about your news,
  • By improving your SEO with unique and interesting content, you will attract traffic and probably inbound links that will advance your SEO.

To avoid on your blog:

  • To make the copy paste of contents present on other sites, it is essential, on your blog or on your site, that your content is unique and interesting.
  • Do not update your blog often enough and give the impression that your site is abandoned, try to post an article every month to see every 2 months minimum.

What budget for your blog?

A blog is not a very expensive feature to set up on your site; you need to however spend on a quality writer for writing well researched articles.

Analyze your traffic, conversion tunnels and conversions

Analyzing your conversion tunnels is essential in order to understand the path of users on your site and identify when they leave your site to possibly correct these steps and the ergonomics of the site and increase your sales or contacts.

This often neglected step is certainly the most important, because these analyzes will give you very interesting information like:

  • Where do your visitors come from geographically?
  • Where do your visitors come from on the Web (paid referencing, natural referencing, referral sites, e-mailing, flyer distribution, social networks, etc.)?
  • What do your visitors do on your site?
  • Which products are the most consulted?
  • At which stages of the conversion tunnel do your users leave the site?
  • What do people search for on your website?
  • Do users who arrive on your site consult other products or leave immediately (Bounce rate) ….

Increase sales on your E-commerce Website

All of the steps above are applicable to your online store but some actions only relate to E-commerce sites like:

  • Analyze your site’s internal search engine to identify new markets,
  • Set up flash sales with mailing,
  • Work your E-reputation to reassure users, set up certified opinions for example,
  • Analyze your control tunnel and optimize it,
  • Set up cross-selling and related products,
  • Offer several means of payment and if your products lend themselves to payment facilities in 3 or more times,
  • Work on the design, loading time and ergonomics of your site to improve the user experience
  • Work on social networks, blogging, web marketing and
  • Work well on your product sheets to make as many entry points as possible on your site.

There are so many other actions that can help you improve your sales in your shop, we’ll detail this in a future article.