Apple Watch Series 4
Apple Watch Series 4

Apple unveiled a new Watch today at its September event. It’s called the Apple Watch Series 4, its the fourth generation device. One of the biggest change is the display, its more than 30% larger compared to the previous versions. The design of the last three watches was the same except for few tiny changes here and there. So, this version of the watch is a huge upgrade over the previous models.

Just like the previous upgrades, the internals of the newer Apple Watch have been upgraded as well. The device comes with Series 4 chip which according to Apple, is twice as fast compared to the last generation watch (the series 3). Also, the device is much thinner and lighter compared to all the previous Apple watches.

Jony Ive, the Chief Designer of Apple products says that the Apple Watch Series 4 is an “evolution” in terms of design and also adds that the software UI is hugely improved to take advantage of the larger screen. On the front, the bezels of the watch have been ripped completely in favor of a bezel less display like the iPhone X. The larger display will make it much easier to use the Apple Watch, especially for people with larger fingers.

The Apple Watch Series 4 adds a lot of medical capabilities like taking ECG which so far could only be done at a clinic. The Series 4 has electrodes on the back which makes the feature possible and all the data is synced to the user’s iPhone which can later be shared with a doctor. Also, the Series comes with “fall detection” technology, so if someone falls of a chair or from a height, the device will detect the fall and alert the user’s loved ones.

The Series 4 can be ordered starting this Friday and will be available in stores on 21st of September. The cellular version starts at $499 whereas the GPS version starts at $399.