Service First: Elevating Wealth Management to Unparalleled Heights

In the dynamic landscape of financial services, Avestar Capital, a privately held wealth management firm that focuses on Service First has emerged as the beacon of excellence in wealth management.  With a relentless commitment to client satisfaction, the firm’s seasoned team combines expertise and personalized care to navigate the intricacies of wealth creation, preservation, and growth.

Dedicated to a client-centric approach, Service First goes beyond conventional financial strategies. According to Xerxes Soli Mullan, the founding partner of Avestar Capital “We tailor solutions that align with individual goals, fostering enduring financial success. Our unwavering focus on transparency ensures clients are empowered with a clear understanding of their financial journey.” It was with the sole purpose of creating a new era in Wealth Management that he gave up his job as a successful investment banker and started Avestar Capital.

At Avestar Capital, integrity is the cornerstone. The firm operates with an unwavering commitment to ethical standards, fostering trust and long-term partnerships. Its comprehensive suite of services encompasses investment management, financial planning, and risk mitigation, providing a holistic framework for wealth optimization.

As a trailblazer in wealth management, the firm’s Service First policy sets itself apart. Over the years, Avestar Capital has constantly introduced innovative solutions and adaptive strategies. By embracing cutting-edge technology, it has empowered its clients to navigate the ever-evolving financial landscape with confidence.

Today, Avestar Capital has over USD 1 Billion in assets under management and is committed to meeting the needs of every client. 

The firm recognises the need to bridge the gap by providing independent, integrated, and intelligent Wealth Management Solutions. It’s a firm of Entrepreneurs catering to Entrepreneurs. They understand and share the same vision for business, independence, and growth.

By harnessing its expertise in Service First, Avestar Capital has succeeded in building upon its success story and looks forward to a renewed commitment from its clients. Elite Management is the new wealth!