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Shirley Temple’s Death: Reactions on Twitter #RIPShirleyTemple

Since news broke out regarding the sad passing of former child prodigy and US diplomat Shirley Temple, fans and celebrities throughout the world have been paying tribute to the late icon.

Shirley Temple
Hollywood mourns the death of former child star Shirley Temple, at the age of 85

Temple, who was dubbed “Little Miss Miracle” by US President Roosevelt for raising morale during the Great Depression, died in her sleep, surrounded by her family and friends at her home in California.

Shirley Temple on Twitter

Hollywood Stars Whoopi Goldberg, James Franco, and Olivia Munn have already begun to pay respects to Shirley Temple via Twitter. The tributes and reactions to Temple’s passing have continued to roll in on #RIPShirleyTemple as the news of her passing spreads. Here’s what the celebs had to say.

And from Katy Perry:

— James Franco (@JamesFrancoTV) February 11, 2014

Olivia Munn pays her respects to Shirley Temple via Twitter.


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