Why Sketch Pad 3 – Unlimited Canvas?

Sketch Pad 3 is both a sketch pad and note app wrapped into one. So with this you can sketch doodles or take notes. As you can take notes with its sketching tools, it is a more flexible note app.


With a Sketch Pad 3 title some might assume this app is primarily for sketching. However, its sketch options are somewhat limited. The app includes just one pen and options for customizing its colors. There are no alternative pen styles or shape options to select from. It does have some emoji clip art and an unlimited canvass to sketch on, but aside from that it is not a great utility for sketching.

sketch pad 3

sketch pad 32

So I guess the developers designed Sketch Pad 3 primarily as a note-taking app. You can add notes to the canvass either with its pen tool or Insert Text option. With the Insert Text option you can select a multitude of fonts and an underline formatting option. Although you cannot add bold or italic formatting to the text. Furthermore, you can add pictures, check boxes, voice notes and alarms to the notes. Notes have customizable background colors, and you can also add grids to them. The only things it really lacks for notes is a lock (password) option and calendar.

Ease of Use

The app displays your saved notes as thumbnails. You can delete them by clicking the x at the top left corners of the thumbnails. In addition, Sketch Pad 3 also includes an option to set up folders so you can organize the notes better.

sketch pad 33sketch pad 34

Most of the app’s options are on a toolbar at the bottom of the note. The app’s user guide provides you with an overview of the toolbar and its options. That might seem an obvious thing to include, but there are plenty of apps that do not have a manual. In addition, it also has a video that includes guidelines for Sketch Pad 3.


Sketch Pad 3 is a free app that includes adds. You can remove the adds with an £8.99 IAP, which seems a little ridiculous without any extra options thrown in.

Final Thoughts

This is not an especially great sketch app, but for notes it is worth adding to your iPad or iPhone. With its sketch tools it is more flexible than other alternatives. Open its iTunes page for further Sketch Pad 3 details.