Sloan App

Can an app make paying student loans easier and faster?

Sloan is an all-in-one student debt management platform designed to do exactly that. Let’s find out the features Sloan has to make this happen.

Sloan Student Loan App- An Overview

Can you really pay your student loans faster and on-time? This is the question Sloan attempts to solve.

For this, the app has to be easy to use and contain all the things you need to make a payment, keep track of debt and due date, and sort through loans, among others.

Sloan debt manager

Thankfully, Sloan has all those, and more. Plus, the app has a unique crowdfunding aspect that lets you receive donations from benefactors, and even a channel where your friends, family or employer can send money to pay off your student loan debts.

Sloan – The Experience

The app is easier to navigate than most, and each section is clearly explained and intuitive. We’ve had no issues going to where we need to go, and it’s responsive too.

What we like is the fact that you can choose to pay off your higher interest loans first with just a few taps. The filter allows you to do that, and quickly sorts through several loans to give you the results you want.

Sloan crowdfund

Also, the payments and donations are sent directly to the loan associated with your student account on a secure line (encrypted and FDIC insured). If someone from the Sloan community decides to gift you money to pay your loan, it’s sent to the lender and may not be withdrawn for personal purposes.

You can even set weekly or monthly payments on a set date so you won’t have to worry or keep tabs. Doing so will let you pay the debt faster since you’ll be avoiding late fees and other penalties.

Is Sloan A Must Try?

Money and debt management apps such as Sloan are a must for those who want help with their finances, particularly paying off student loans. Since it’s an app it’s very useful to have, and it doesn’t take up too much space anyway. Try the Number 1 Student Loan App today!

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