If you’re a university student, then learning is a huge part of your world— but while studying is essential, it doesn’t have to be dull, particularly with a variety of new tools on the internet on your phone or laptop. Online studying tools and softwares can be a big help for stressed college students.

Whether you’re enrolled in a conventional university, receiving your degree online, or even taking a course to progress your profession, these tools will help you remain at the top of your performance.

Most of these tools are free to use, and others you need to purchase, but most of them are really inexpensive. Continue to read to discover some of the best research applications on the marketplace now that can help you win a place on the Dean’s list or Honor Roll.


Notes are made in class–but how are you supposed to prepare for the finals and other exams? Evernote allows students like you to have things smooth and coordinated in one spot. The core of every study, notes are an essential part of study sessions. If it comes to applications that assist you in learning, Evernote has become one of the greatest.

You could develop notes with worksheets, connections, links, and audio files. With the free option, you can share notes between two apps, scan for text within photos, clip websites, and even more.

Tomato Timer

First of all, the Pomodoro Technique is a time management method developed by Francesco Cirillo in the 1980s to better improve the efficiency and generate what Cal Newport considers Real Work. Pomodoro timers, or also known as Tomato Timers, is a proven method of productivity that is being used by a lot of college students to help them focus on studying.

There are a lot of sites on the web where you can use the Pomodoro technique timer while you study. Usually, you set a time for 25 minutes and do your task with no distractions until the time is up. Then, set a 5-minute break, after which you can repeat the process as you see fit. You should definitely incorporate this in your study sessions to get more work done.


iStudiez is among the most outstanding schedule management software to help you learn more comfortably. Enabled on most smartphone phones, as well as on Windows and Mac devices, the software helps you to monitor your regular study schedule, as well as tests, homework tasks, and even ratings.

As long as you know to sync it for the new homework requirements and the like, you never need to skip out on an important class or be late in handing it over on a valuable project. The software can warn you in good time for each thing and can also be combined with Google Calendar.


Only for iOS devices, XMind costs $9.99 every six months and a pioneer in flowcharting and brainstorming apps. The software lets consumers collect thoughts, simplify thought, and navigate complicated knowledge using different strategic maps to maximize performance.

This is ideal for learners who are trying to get into a different way of learning and better concentrate their attention and energies on their research. Additionally, you can upload your flowcharts to Evernote too.

Exam Countdown Lite

It’s just as its name implies. This helpful software is ideal for every student experiencing the exam season and the heavy workload that comes with it. Its intuitive design makes it simple to record all your pending exam dates and periods, and the software can softly count you down to a major exam in weeks, months, hours, or seconds.

Given, for certain people, that in itself might be enough to cause a panic attack, so if you’d just tackle the potential head-on, realizing just how long you have to prepare may be a huge benefit.

MyScript Calculator

Are you someone who lives in the modern era but doesn’t really like a pen or a book? This is the app for you. Using MyScript Calculator, you can manually solve mathematical formulas on your tablet or smartphone.

Instead of using a conventional computer, doing calculations by hand can help you understand and recall equations more quickly. From the easiest to the most complicated calculations, MyScript can understand your writing and help you master math for a one-time price of only $1.99.


Studying has never been more accessible these days. With the increasing development of new ways to help you in studying and learning, there’s no excuse for every student not to be productive in school and ace exams. These useful tools that we mentioned are proven to be effective resources  and will give you the educational advantage you need.

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