And, the old joke goes, “What do call 1,000 lawyers chained together at the bottom of the ocean? A good start.” When it comes to social media gurus, of which at least 181,000 inhabit Twitter, we should be so lucky. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, squeeze all of those experts, masters, mavens, ninjas, warriors, wonks, etc. into Knoxville, Tennessee and the excess would ooze out around the edges.

FollowerWonk, which started counting social media gurus back in 2009 (16,000), reports that there are at least 181,000 of the species inhabiting January 2013 and here’s a breakdown of how the most numerous humbly refer to themselves:

• Social Media Marketing — 57,220
• Social Media Maven — 21,928
• Social Media Ninja — 21,876
• Social Media Evangelist — 20,829
• Social Media Guru — 18,363
• Social Media Consultant — 9,031
• Social Media Specialist — 7,867
• Social Media Expert — 5,555

Of course, there are also authorities, experts, freaks, masters, professionals, pros, veterans, warriors and wonks, among others, but their numbers are relatively few.

One group, social media whores (the doctor will see you now), however, take the cake even though there are only 174 of them.

Social Media Gurus: Follow Me Back?

What does all of this vapidity add up to? Not one heckuva lot.

Last Summer, TechCrunch reported that there were more than 500 million Twitter accounts, which is a pretty big number. However, as a percentage of that, social media gurus, mavens, ninjas, etc. only account for 0.00035009671 percent.

Perhaps the end isn’t quite yet nigh…

What’s your take?

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