Social Media Marketing Lessons to Learn From Big Brands 01

Online presence is essential for any business. If you have a starting or existing business, it’s great to have a social media presence. Large brands know that over 81 percent of consumers can decide to purchase a product or service depending on the social media posts of friends and family. A study reported that over 78 percent of customers claimed that social media posts influenced them to buy.

If not sure of the social media impact on your brand,  consider companies that have made a loss. Snap Inc reported a loss of $1.3 billion resulting from a single tweet.

When you look at large brands, they will have big budgets to fund their marketing campaigns. On the other hand, small businesses and individuals will have fewer resources but that is not a problem. If an individual runs a business connected to music and has a Spotify account they can gain Spotify followers through third party platforms at practically no cost whatsoever. The good thing, with a small business, you can adapt the same social media strategies done by large brands. However, you have to create impactful content that your audience can share.

If you look at large brands, there are great things you can learn regarding their social media marketing. Let’s get started:

Encourage User-generated Content

If you want to succeed with your business like big brands, you need to create user-generated content. When you look at some popular companies such as GoPro, a camera manufacturer, it has successfully succeeded with its social media marketing. This company uses the power of social media User-generated content. The company asks the consumers to take videos and submit them after using their wearable cameras.

The videos people create are shared widely online. This shows that the product is in action. GoPro allows you to submit some of your best photos, videos, and raw clips. The one who wins in each category will get cash prizes.

In your business, it’s also possible for you to create User-generated content and campaign for your brand. Create something that can engage your followers. This could include reposting photos your followers share, customer reviews, posting best entries, or creating a short video contest.

Provide a Content With Your Company’s Values

Your small company’s social media marketing lesson from a big brand is creating content with values. If you look at Patagonia, it has succeeded in social media marketing. This company focuses on manufacturing upscale gear for silent sports – like trail running, climbing, surfing – and outdoor clothing.

Patagonia has committed itself to social media responsibility by contributing to various grassroots environmental initiatives. In addition, this company uses different social media platforms for commitment to helping build a community that shares its values.

This company’s messaging and voice remain authentic and consistent and can help it connect with the central customer. It has a blog that the company uses to share environmental stories. On the other hand, at the podcast, the company has partnered with the Dirtbag Diaries.

Outstandingly, this company has continued to support those companies that produce and support environmental issues. These are some of the things that the company has used to influence and attract audiences via social media.

Get a Transparent Brand Voice

Another lesson your small business can learn from Taco Bell is that you need to be clear on your brand voice. If you look at Taco Bell, this company has done extensive research on its audience. Therefore, the company knows the ups and downs of the youth in a demographic place.

The information helps this company to create content that is timely, witty, and even sarcastic. Taco Bell is a fast-food chain that uses memes and emojis for good measure. Additionally, this company created Taco Emoji Engine. If a user could tweet their emoji from this company, he/she receives a custom mashup. After introducing the app, this company has received over half a million tweets.

Taco Bell had another successful social media campaign in 2014 during the social media blackout. That’s when it created buzz before the launch of the Taco Bell app. Within 24 hours, the company’s app was the most downloadable.

Over time, this company has tried to keep real engagement with the audience. It has also engaged in amusing banter with competitors and other brands. Additionally, it has tried to use humor and participating in trending hashtags and topics.

It teaches other brands to create a consistent voice and tone while participating in social media marketing.