Some Common Rules for Preparing an Academic Essay

The word essay finds its roots in the ancient Latin word “exagium” which in its original meanings, translates to present a case or argument or a particular viewpoint. The nature of an essay can be scholarly or academic.

            In academia, students are asked to write essays to judge their cognitive abilities. Different articles are allocated to scholars to prepare while asking them to validate a particular point of view or argument. Academic essays form a good portion of the evaluation of a student throughout their academic careers significantly in their university. Students are overburdened with the workload accrued upon them and tend to seek coursework help. The overwhelming coursework burden on students can cause neural stress on the students. Coursework writing services come in handy to relieve a bit of pressure and provide coursework help on which a student can capitalize and can take guidance as essay writing is not just a simple task.

            Before dwelling into the universal rules that you must follow while scripting a well-structured essay, let’s converse a little bit about the formalities that an essay mandate. Essays are nonfiction pieces of writing, are based on facts and are written in prose. The tone of an essay is always formal and different from the general speech, it must be able to represent the idea of the author vividly, and cluttering is discouraging in this aspect. So, let’s begin

The Topic

            When It comes to writing an essay or an article, the most important thing is the title. There are two situations that you can face

1. You are assigned a title to present your ideas. In this case, you as an author need to analyze the given statement thoroughly. Understand the title and start your research. Some titles can provide you with space to utilize, and this will be an excellent opportunity for you to collect, assemble and present the data of your choosing. For example, the assigned title is, “History of America” here you can assimilate a plethora of information and structure it in different components. 

However, a specific title can be easy to work with, you can find plenty of knowledge within the particular regime, for example, if the title is modified to “Political History of America”. Now as you can understand the domain more vibrantly, the thesis can be articulated to the point

When you are the freedom to choose a topic that you may like, you have an open field to sow whatever you want and nourish it with the arguments of your choice. However, this puts more responsibility on the shoulders of the author, choose a title where your expertise is and use it to your advantage. If you are still stuck and cannot decide your topic, let your environment inspire you.

Format of your Essay

The structure of an essay cannot be stressed enough. One must understand what kind of an article needs to be written either it’s a short essay or a longer one.

  • Short Essay: This can be a smaller article ranging from 600-1000 words, including exams answer. For such writing, you may use the following format
    • Introduction
    • Main Body
    • Conclusions
  • Long Essays: These articles usually range from 2000 to 5000 words and require extensive study and research and can be classified as follows
    • Introduction
    • Main Body
      • Literature
      • Case study
      • Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • References
  • Appendices


            Write your Introduction for the essay that is to the point and depicts the viewpoint on the presented topic firmly, it must not be vague and should be depicting your stance on the subject with fervor and resolve. The introductory paragraph can provide a historical approach towards the topic under consideration and where the writer stands with his/her views.

Main Body

            This is the open playing field for the author to support his/her claim on the topic with well-articulated reasoning. The main body of the essay should be appropriately paragraphed and must follow a clean and logical approach.

Arguments must be presented in individual paragraphs, one case in 1st paragraph and a second argument or logic in 2nd and so on. One thing that must be followed is that the sections must be appropriately detailed and concisely detailed.  Make sure that paragraphs are addressing a particular argument and must avoid merging arguments for and against a case in a single paragraph to avoid a messy outlook of your essay.

  • Make sure that information is not cluttered and avoid the use of vague sentences.
  • Use simple and compound sentences properly. Do not just use complex sentence structure as they are more prone to error. Keep a balance between simple and compound sentences.
  • Do not state the same opinion in different paragraphs by changing the phrasing to increase the word count as it will impersonate lack of knowledge
  • Use good vocabulary. Better words pose a good impression. Avoid redundancy of words.


            Conclude your essay by recalling the thesis statement and briefly enclose all the material written in the body of the essay by a closure statement that is in correspondence with initially described thoughts.

References and Appendices

            When submitting an essay for grading in academia, formatting is of utmost importance from the professors. Many teachers are critical of the formatting of references (bibliography) as they want to check if the credits were given where they were due. The following are widely used formatting styles of tabulating references.

  • Modern Language Association (MLA Style)
  • American Psychological Association (APA Style)
  • Chicago Manual of Style (CMA)
  • Turabian Style
  • Harvard Referencing System


Do not plagiarize as almost all the professors and teachers have access to copy identification software. Plagiarism can result in a straight rejection of the assignment. No one wants a cheater associated with their name.

Spell Check and Proofread

            No matter how brilliant one is, human error can affect everyone. So read and re-read your work before submission until you are sure that there are no problems left and then run your work through grammar and error checking software to be on the safe side. Contact your friends and family and have them read your article as the two minds are better than one.

            So, all this hassle and you can get a great essay with beautiful thoughts of yours arranged in writing ready to be shipped to the audience and let them be dazzled by your work. If you don’t want to go through all of this struggle and don’t have enough time on your hands, don’t be worried as many excellent, reliable and unique coursework writing services are available online for you, they let you submit the work as your own, and you stand out in the crowd.