Some tips to get to know your ecommerce customers

To be successful in business it is important to know your ecommerce customers. This gives you the opportunity to reach them in a more effective way, since you will know their needs in depth. The idea is that you can solve their problems and meet their expectations.

Your main objective is probably to sell, but how do you sell a product or service to someone you don’t know? This is the reason that makes it so essential to get closer to your audience and interact with it. Thus, you will have the possibility of obtaining key information with which you can personalize the campaigns and make sure that you hit the mark with your customers.

Important aspects of knowing your client

You already know a little about what knowing your ecommerce customers can generate. However, you need to dig a little deeper into this very interesting topic for any trader.

It is about achieving a holistic and deep understanding of what they think, what they feel and what motivates them. These tips will help you understand the psychology of your clients and adapt your strategies to them.

1. Define your buyer persona

Define the customer profile. The first thing you should do is establish the profile of the customer you want to reach, especially if you are starting your business. Determine what gender your product or service is aimed at, age of your ideal client and if your offer is local, national or international. In this way, you will have the opportunity to segment your audience. It may be a bit of a tedious process, but it is what you need to start getting to know your target audience. With these basic data you can create a buyer profile that fully fits with your product or service, and design a communication and marketing strategy to achieve it effectively.

2. Contact your client

Of course, if you already have loyal customers, you will surely have their contact. So take advantage of it to ask a question about how the last shopping experience or the attention received was like. All aspects that may influence your experience are relevant. Yes indeed! Do not be invasive; inquiries through phone calls can be annoying. Try to do it at a time when you are not inopportune. A good option is small satisfaction surveys through email marketing. The idea is to know what the customer thinks, not scare him away.

3. Join forums or Facebook groups

Take advantage of one of the many virtues of social networks. You just have to join Facebook groups related to your niche. There you will not only find people who may be interested in what you sell, it is also ideal to know the characteristics and preferences of that audience.

4. Ask a question in the subscription

Did you create a form for your client to subscribe to your newsletter? If so, it is the perfect time to ask a question that you consider key. Or also, you can leave a free space for the user to comment on what they think about your company or its products/services. You can use an automatic online voting bot as a good tool to obtain useful information that can help you in this process of knowing the buyer. Remember that you should not saturate it with questions; you are not a policeman conducting an interrogation. Brainstorm and select the one that is most essential.

5. Send a survey by email or SMS

There is no better way to get to know your customers than by asking themselves their opinions. Surveys through email and SMS marketing are more effective because the user does not feel pressured.

Are you now ready to “understand” your customers?