Sony PS4 price

Sony PS4

As you may have heard, Sony have been designing new disc technology that will stop users from pre-owning or lending games which have previously been played on a console.

Sony have been working on these technologies to hopefully eradicate second hand stores and pre-owned game shops. This will, obviously, stop the game from becoming cheaper second hand and stop people from lending games out once they are done.

Essentially it is a different kind of DRM, one that isn’t digital and works on the disc and the machine, to stop second hand sales and lending. This has also gave us a hint that Sony will continue to make a disc player for the PS4, instead of an all digital experience.

Users may not see this as the way forward and for people that enjoy getting cheap second hand games, it will be a pain as prices can stay as high as the developers want. The good feature with second hand game shops is they buy the games back from customers for a cheap price, and they can then sell them for a cheaper price.

GameStop have already dropped stock price since this rumour got out, as they do a lot of second hand trading and their financial would be hurt if Sony stopped this. To counter the falling stock price, Michael Pachter, an analyst, said “Sony would be materially hurt if its console blocked used games and competitor consoles from Microsoft and Nintendo did not,”

This is true, Sony would lose out even if the console performed better than its two rivals. The whole idea of one owner to a disc is unprecedented and may not go down well with gaming fans.

Sony are already on the back foot against Microsoft in terms of sales – the Xbox has outmatched the PS3 and we suspect the next gaming generation will be a close one. If Sony bring this new one game, one owner plan, it may turn in Microsoft’s favour.

  1. What about renting games from Redbox or Gamefly. And if one buys the game this would prevent one from transferring ownership to another person. So if one does not own the game then will the cost to the end-user be reduced?

  2. Well, my friends it gets even worst. Apparently the latest rumor is that Sony is playing the game of bait and switch. Though they promised at E3 that those gamers who wanted to continue to buy disks for the PS4 will always be able to buy the games in that form they changed their minds. Now you will only be able to stream games. Beginning in the next year disks are going to no longer be available for upcoming games. I think what they have done is more despicable than what Microsoft did!

  3. Sony used the backlash over used game sales against MS at 2013’s E3. Going back on that would be retarded. This story is old and irrelevant.

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