Sony SD cards and Memory Stick could conquer all others in the speed department

You see videos getting uploaded on YouTube that have resolutions of 4K and even 8K (there aren’t even consume-grade displays available that are able to support resolutions of 8K). To drive this much data to the storage card, the card will need to have extremely fast speeds to write all of that data. Fortunately for these users, Sony has announced a new lineup of SD cards called SF-G SD cards that boast extremely fast read and write speeds, making them ideal for users who shoot footages at extremely high resolutions.

Sony has detailed on its blog post that the new SD cards will be available in three capacity models:

  • 32GB
  • 64GB
  • 128GB

Viviano Cantu, Vice President, Product Marketing, Sony Americas Media and Energy Group has also described the capability of these cards as he states the following:

“Available in 32GB, 64GB and 128GB capacities, the SF-G Series offers options that ensure high-performance, high speed and reliable shooting. As the continuous shooting of higher-resolution images and adoption of 4K video with DSLR and mirrorless cameras increases, the inherent need for larger, faster and more dependable cards becomes apparent.  A longtime leader at the forefront of professional media, Sony has met these growing demands with the debut of the SF-G Series, which offers industry leading performance.”

All storage models will feature write speeds going up to 300MB/s which is more than sufficient to capture footage being taken from a 4K camera at high frame rates. What’s more is that these storage cards are also waterproof and anti-static, resulting in a higher life span. Sony has said that the new SD cards are going to be available later this summer but has not provided a shred of detail on their pricing.

Professional videographers who use expensive equipment to record 4K footage will definitely find these cards useful, but we can almost guarantee that they will not be coming cheap when they become officially available later in the year.