PS4 console

According to the CEO of Sony, the PS4 console will be revealed at the E3 conference this year, or possibly a little sooner at another event. The PlayStation 4 reveal event on Feb 20 failed to show any design teasers of the new PS4 console.

Jack Tretton told Forbes earlier that the lack of PS4 console at the PlayStation event surprised him, as he didn’t expect viewers to want to see the console so badly. The main theme of the night seemed to be more for developers than consumers.

PS4 console

Tretton said “I would look for E3 as a time when you’ll get a good look at it,” and added “Or sooner”, possibly implying that Sony will show the PS4 console at another PlayStation event. Hopefully the event won’t go on for as long.

This seems like a clever move by Sony, to keep the PS4 console hidden and keep hype on the subject. If they had released everything at the Feb 20 event, then we would just be waiting almost a year for the console release. Keeping the PS4 console away from eyes is a great way for people to keep checking rumours, leaks and keep the excitement going for June’s E3 event.

Nothing is certain, but we expect the Xbox 720 to arrive at E3 as well. Microsoft may plan an earlier press event where they show off capabilities and other new stuff that the Xbox 720 will have. This means both consoles are likely to be shown at the same event, which is very exciting.

Other reasons why the PS4 console wasn’t revealed at the PlayStation event include the console not actually being finished. Sony CEO has said that last design and polishing features are being done on the PS4 console.

This is quite odd, normally when a product is as far as sending out developer previews, the console developers already have a finished product. We suspect that Sony will not change the internals, as this may upset some developers.

We will have to wait for E3 to see the PS4 console then it seems, along with the Xbox 720 and who knows what else.

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