Sony tablet phablet

Sony tablet phablet

Despite what some news agencies believe to be a “phablet”, we think Sony are looking at the family model and bringing a new tablet to the Xperia Z range. This time, the tablet will have the seven-inch form factor, instead of the ten-inch, which was revealed a few days ago.

The idea that six-inch is now phablet territory and cannot be used by tablets is crazy, as many of the six-inch phablets that we have seen are too big and awful to use. Sony may want to make their tablet a little smaller then the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire, without straying too far into the phone area.

We believe the tablet will be named ‘Tablet P’ and could have Xperia Z on the end to make the device part of the family. It’s entirely possible that Sony is cooking up a phablet, but we hope and believe that they are not.

The tablet will come with Sony’s newest line of features, including the dustproof and waterproof design, 1080p display and Bravia engine. We really loved the Xperia Z at CES and the Xperia Tablet Z looks great, although we haven’t had a chance to actually view it yet.

If Sony can make a smaller tablet for the people that like the seven-inch form factor, with the same features and design of the Xperia phone and tablet, then they could be on to a winner. Android tablets haven’t had the best success, but the seven-inch line may be the way to go.

Right now, we cannot be positive of Sony’s plans, but hopefully this is just a smaller seven-inch tablet that is a little more pocket friendly then its rivals.

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