Get a Piece of New Sony Xperia Concept 'Xperia Tips' App
Get a Piece of New Sony Xperia Concept 'Xperia Tips' App

If you’re looking for more information about how to use your Xperia X and Android Marshmallow firmware, you’ll be happy to learn about Xperia Tips. Just get ahold of the newest copy in build number MOB30G.Z1. 3598.

Sometimes it can be complicated using your phone, and there always seem to be some hidden features that you just can’t figure out. Sony wants to make this process a little easier for users by providing a “Xperia Tips” app that helps users figure out exactly how to use their phones.

Get The Most Out of Your Sony Xperia With Concept App Xperia Tips

Sony Xperia blog highlights this app as “[the best way to find] tips about hidden gems and potential optimizations based on your usage patterns and device surroundings.”

The app starts out empty, but over time your inbox (on the app) will fill up with all kinds of useful information about your phone, giving you personal advice that you should be able to use later on. Sony also hopes that the update will allow users to provide feedback as well as notes on how the application actually functions during use.

Xperia Tips Just One Part of the Package

This change is in addition to several security patches (like migrating data to the SD card automatically). These changes are expected to take place within the next few days, according to Sony.

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