Sony Xperia X Dual and XA Dual Both Released in India
Sony Xperia X Dual and XA Dual Both Released in India

The Sony Xperia X Dual and XA Dual have started on pre-order in India, but the price point might be kind of hard to swallow for some. Is the price worth it? We’ll highlight one feature that comes free when you sign up for pre-order in this article.

It’s just about time for Sony to finally release the newest models of the Xperia X Dual and the XA Duel; but just like everywhere else the prices in India might make it impossible for some to purchase right away.

Sony Released Prices, Expected Release, and Colors Available

Sony released “official suggested prices” on their blogs today too, saying that the prices of the Xperia X Dual will range around Rs. 49,000 (that’s nearly £500, ?655, or $730 in the US). Luckily, the Xperia XA Dual will be around half the price at Rs. 20,990 (that’s £214, ?281, or $313). Less fortunately, while the Xperia X Dual mobile phone is available the 7th of June, the XA Dual won’t be released until the end of June.

Pre-Order Through Amazon or Store-Front to Get Exclusive Offer

When pre-ordering, purchasers will get to choose from four different colors (such as black, white, lime gold, rose gold); but if you order before the deadline, you’ll be able to get the Sony SBH70 Stereo Bluetooth Headset to make the sour price a little bit better. On top of that you’ll get a quick charger too! Check out the terms and conditions of this offer here.

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