Sony Xperia XA Ultra
Sony Xperia XA Ultra

With a large screen and a high-powered camera, Sony promises that the new Xperia won’t disappoint. Along with that, Sony promises up to two days worth of battery life.

LONDON, UK- On the 17th of this month, Sony mobile Communications announced that they would be revamping the new Xperia X Series. The biggest change will be how the 16 MP camera handles low-light scenarios; As well as the super-sized 6” inch screen, and amazing battery life. Like any other smartphone on the market right now, it’s also expected to be thin, borderless, and a great mid-range smartphone for people’s needs, according to Sony”s blog.

Sony Boasts About Their “Advanced Selfie Cam”

According to Sony, you’ll be able to create the “perfect pose, day or night” because of the new camera that Sony is putting in their phones, capturing sharp pictures without blurring. It also has a “smart selfie flash feature” that better illuminates your features with a soft glow.

Another feature that Sony released is the “shutter feature,” allowing users to swipe their hands down in front of their phones, and start a handy timer. Also promised on the new Xperia XA Ultra is a super-fast shutter speed camera at a heightened 21.5 MP, with hybrid autofocus, quick launch, and capture from standby (allowing you to take a picture in a half of a second or less).

The Xperia XA Fits Great In Your Hand, Sony Says

Sony believes that a six-inch smartphone is a perfect size to create a seamless feel in your hands. It’s also fully encased in metal, slightly curved, and big and bright. All of these features don’t compromise the battery life, says Sony, giving users up to 2 days worth of power from a full charge, and 5.5 hours of use in just 10 minutes (as long as you’re using the Sony Quick Charger UCH12 (Quick Charge 2.0). The integrated Qnovo adaptive charger makes more out of your battery by ensuring that it doesn’t overcharge too- making your battery last longer.

Where to Get a Xperia XA Ultra

You can read more about the camera functions on the Xperia XA Ultra on the Sony blog. It’ll be available in Black, White or Lime Gold as soon as July in many selected markets, so get ‘em while they’re hot!

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