Just heard the hottest new EDM dance mix? Ever wondered how Jimi Hendrix’s Fire would sound if it were actually on fire? Well, a group of Danish designers and music aficionados have created the Sound Torch, a soon to be real shipping product that will light up your music collection.

Some ideas are just so dumb they are brilliant and then there is the The Sound Torch flaming speaker, which is based on the Pyroboard — a fun bit o’ kitsch created by a pair of German students.

Sound Torch: NSFW

We’re passionate about music, we’re fucking crazy about the club scene. The Sound Torch revolutionizes the way people see music.


Lasers and disco balls are old news.

This is the exciting new Pyroboard, you need to turn your next house party into a blazing inferno of dance. Everybody is going to remember you as the guy that had this.

Did Metallica cry because there were going to be pyrotechnics on stage? No!
Even Jimi Hendrix set his guitar on fire. Imagine if Avicii or Hardwell couldn’t use fire in their show? Disaster – Its all about the FIRE not small pretty bubbles for kids.

Club scene partiers and flaming speakers, what could go wrong?

As of this writing, only 100 Sound Torch speaker sets will be made. However, given that the designers plan to fund the Sound Torch project via Kickstarter, anything could.

Seriously, if the Sound Torch project (ahem) catches fire, who knows how big it could get…

Do you want a Sound Torch?

Via: Engadget