Space Drop Pop 04

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Developed by Faisal Feroze, Space Drop Pop for iPhone is a game that has a different twist on the Flappy Bird clone games that have flooded the App store in recent months. Space Drop Pop is a vertical space invaders style tapping game which is easy enough to pick up but can be quite difficult to master.

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Your objective in Space Drop Pop is to save the town at the bottom of your screen from the alien invasion coming from above. The control scheme is simple yet requires constant focus. To destroy each incoming threat all you need to do is tap on the spaceships as they fall quickly from the top of the screen. This sounds simple enough however if one spaceship slips past your finger or you don’t quite time the tap, it’s all over for that attempt. Time to try again.

Both the visuals and sounds are enjoyable and make the game a fun one to play, over and over again. After a few turn you are asked to wait 60 seconds or tweet about the game to continue playing. This detracts slightly from the enjoyment level however it does give you a break and time to refocus for your next attempt.

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To master this game all it takes is practice and focus. The speed and density of spaceships does not increase as you continue so settle in for a repetitive yet randomised gaming experience.

Space Drop Pop Requires iOS 5.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.