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Space Sports is a fun, addictive take on what sport may be like in a far away Galaxy. The ZaZa Galaxy – to be precise.

The game begins by allowing you to customise your character. The ‘Create Your Champ’ stage enables you to change the gender, clothes, hair and name of your avatar.

Once you have selected your character, you’ll be thrown right into the thick of the ‘Goaly Moley’ action. Goaly Moley is a soccer challenge where you have to score goals against Madu the Monster, whilst avoiding Galactic Moles which pop up from the ground.

Champions of the game win an all expenses paid trip for 2 to the Champions League Final in London May 25th, 2013.


Spaced Out Soccer

Space Sports brilliantly combines great 3D graphics with compelling, addictive game play. Once you get into the game, you can’t stop yourself from wanting to demolish Madu the Goalkeeper with goals.

Before facing Madu the Goalkeeper in a one on one shootout, you face the Moles which pop up and attack your character. You simply need to tilt your device in order to avoid the oncoming Mole traffic, whilst letting off shots towards the goal.

Shooting is easy to understand, but challenging to get right. You control the power and accuracy of the shot with your finger, as Madu the Goalkeeper darts to and fro each of his goal posts, saving your wayward shots.


In terms of graphics, Space Sports offers well polished, 3D animated visuals. The textures are smooth, and the in-game effects are all aesthetically pleasing.

The background dazzling fireworks and explosions add a sense of urgency to the already fast paced game play of Space Sports, which is befitting considering there are real tickets up for grabs for the Champion.

The menus are well designed, but in some areas there are too many buttons, making it difficult to distinguish the purpose of each button.

As you play, you get to unlock more clothing and upgrade your characters skills and attributes. Online leader boards also add a competitive element to the game, which is never a bad thing.

Final Remarks

Space Sports is a well designed, addictive soccer game with an inter-Galactic charm. The game play is smooth and enjoyable, but can become slightly repetitive. Luckily, unlockables and online leader boards help keep the game fresh.

Download Space Sports free of charge both Android 2.0 and above and iOS for iPhone 3GS and later devices.