Specialty Games in the US: Guide to Popular Games

When you create an account with a top-rated online casino, you will have access to hundreds of great games. Most players will be looking for specific titles and will enjoy certain types of games. For the majority of players, slots and table games are the leading choices. However, there are more options at the best casino sites in the United States. If you like to play other types of games, you can enjoy an array of specialty games, and these can also provide some great payouts.

Each online casino will have different types of specialty games based on what provider is being used to power the site. These games are different from traditional casino selections. They offer a different way to engage in online gaming while still having a chance to win payouts. If you want to take a break from standard games at your favorite casino site, be sure to check out the offering of specialty titles. These can deliver hours of exciting action.

While some land casinos offer specialty games, these titles are much more popular at online casinos. Operating sites can provide more titles and will always be updating the portfolio as games are released. With specialty games, you can find games that provide a casual experience, or you can select games that require certain skills to win. No matter how you choose to enjoy these types of games, you will find some great options being presented to US gamblers.

Why Players Enjoy Specialty Games

Gamblers in the United States like to have a wide variety of games available. When visiting land casinos, the game offerings are limited. These venues have limitations on physical space, so they will only house the most popular games, typically those with a high house edge, so the venue can generate revenue. When playing online, players have many more options available. There are no space restrictions, and casino operators are able to work with multiple software providers to present a large collection of games.

While you will always find the traditional casino games offered, some players will prefer to spend some time with specialty games. These have become very popular with US gamblers as they provide a break from the standard and traditional titles that are offered. Players will still have great ways to generate payouts and will be able to enjoy different types of games. If you are a fan of lottery games or want to play a title that requires no special skills or knowledge, you will want to check out what types of specialty games can be enjoyed.

Another reason many players like to engage in these types of casino games is that they are affordable options. Specialty games are usually not high roller selections, and they all provide a wide variety of betting options. This allows players with any sized casino budget to enjoy the different titles offered and still win great returns. You can also use casino bonuses to play these games.

Most Popular US Specialty Games

If you are interested in playing these great types of games, you will want to learn more about what is offered. Each online casino will have different games and titles offered. This is all based on what software providers are being used. No matter where you choose to play, you will find an exceptional offering of specialty games from your favorite providers. These games are a great choice for casual players, and they can be found at all US online casinos.

Any game featured at an online casino that does not fall under the main categories of supported games will be listed under specialty games. These are easy to find and a thrill to play. Here, we take a closer look at the different types of games you will encounter when you choose to gamble online. While these games can provide some amazing payouts and hours of entertainment, you should be aware that they are often lower-paying than traditional games. You will not find titles that feature huge paying jackpots, so if you are looking to score massive wins, you may want to stick with the standard casino variations offered.

Online Keno

One of the most popular games being played by those in the US is Keno. This is a fun and easy specialty game that can offer some great returns. It is very easy to learn, and players will not have to acquire any special skills to engage in play. The game is a combination of a lottery-style game and bingo, and all you have to do is choose numbers and hope they match those that are dawn when the game begins.

With online Keno games, you will see a card that contains 80 numbers. You will be placing a bet and can choose up to 15-20 numbers on the card. Once the game begins, numbers will be randomly selected, and based on the amount of numbers you are able to match, a payout will be offered. Keno has higher odds of winning than other casino games, so you can expect lower payouts and lower jackpots. However, each casino will have a decent paytable in place that makes the game a profitable choice.

The versions of Keno will vary slightly from one casino to the other, and again, this is determined by the provider being used. At top rated American online casino sites, you will find the popular RTG version of this game. RTG Keno offers the higher-paying non-progressive Keno jackpots online. When you are selecting your bet, you can choose up to 15 numbers with this variation, and the best return on the game is the Pick 11 bet, which offers a return of 86.75%. If you like to alter bet amounts, you will find this game to support wagers from $0.25 to $5. The amount of your wager will alter the jackpot payout, which will range from $25,000 to $500,000.

Bingo Variations

People from the US are all familiar with the game of bingo. There are thousands of bingo halls operating around the country where players can go and spend a few hours playing this exciting and rewarding game. Instead of having to travel to a venue, you can enjoy the same thrills of this game right from home. Bingo is one of the most played specialty games featured at an online casino, and you can find many game variants offered. Bingo games online can offer great payouts, and players will find the games easy to play. Some even have enjoyable themes that will enhance the experience.

As a US player, you will be most familiar with 75-ball bingo. This is the most popular variation played in the country. However, when you choose to play Bingo specialty games online, you will find other variants being offered. These can include 90-ball, 80-ball, and Speed Bingo. No matter what game you are playing, you will have hours of exciting action and the chance to win some decent returns.

Realtime Gaming is one of the leading providers of casino games for players who reside in the United States. When you access a casino site that uses this software, you will find some great Bingo options. Bonus Bingo is a top choice for players, and this is a 75-ball version of the game. Each player will get cards that contain 24 numbers, and 44 balls will be drawn during the game. To win, you just have to complete a pattern on the cards. Bets when playing this game will range from $0.05 to $1 per card, and the largest payout is $3000. The thing that makes Bonus Bingo a leading choice for gamblers is that there is a random multiplier that can either double or triple your payouts. If awarded, the multiplier will only be applied to one of your active cards.

Another super option if you are a fan of Bingo is Roaring 20s Bingo. This is another title developed by Realtime Gaming, and this is a progressive bingo game. Bets range from $0.01 to $5 per card, and you can play as many as 100 cards per game. With this title, there are three different jackpots that can be won, including:

  • Maxi progressive – win when a blackout is completed
  • Major progressive – triggered at random
  • Minor progressive – randomly triggered

One nice feature you will have available is the Extra Ball Play. You can select this option when betting, and it will double the wager. Five balls will be drawn and marked on your cards before the game begins.

Instant Win Scratch Cards

Instant win scratch cards are a lottery-style game that can be enjoyed at many online casinos operating in the US. These games are very easy to play, and they work just like the cards that you would purchase at a local store. Offering a fast way to wager and win, instant win scratch cards have become a leading choice for players who enjoy specialty games. They are offered for various prices, and you can find games that are themed and even those that are created in conjunction with the latest slot game themes!

Each scratch card featured at an online casino will offer random results. You can manually click on each panel to reveal the symbols or use the Scratch All button to quickly reveal icons and earn payouts. Since these games are very fast, players often play multiple scratch cards in a single gambling session. When choosing a game, always take time to learn the variance. If a card has a low variance, it will offer frequent payouts, but the returns will be for small amounts. High variance scratch cards will offer much larger payouts, but your chances of winning are lower.

Despite the simplicity of these specialty games, they are very popular with US gamblers, and there are hundreds of casino sites that feature amazing game choices. Each scratch card will have a theme, and most will fall into different categories, such as :

  • Instant Win – just click on the panels to see if you have won. There are no second chances or retries with these games. These are the simplest form of scratch cards offered at online casinos.
  • Multiple Chance – with these games, you will have more than one chance to win. Most of these games will have a winning symbol displayed, and you will have different opportunities to match it to earn payouts.
  • Lines – this scratch card is similar to an online slot, and you will have to match multiple symbols in a row or column. Near misses are common with these games.
  • Casino Themed Games – some scratch cards you will find online are based on popular casino games. For example, you may find blackjack scratch cards where you will have to beat the dealer to win or Poker cards where you have to reveal the best paying poker hand to collect a payout.

If you are looking for some great ways to win quickly, check out some of the great scratch cards featured at RTG sites. 5 Diamond Blackjack is one of the popular cards being played today, and it offers a blackjack theme. With this game, you will see a blackjack table that has one space for the dealer’s hand and five spots for player hands. When the game starts, you will see face-down cards. You will scratch these cards to see if you have any hands that beat the dealer. The highlight of 5 Diamond Blackjack is that there is a progressive jackpot that can be triggered at any time!

Another scratch card based on a casino game is Hot Dice. There are five spots on this card, and each will show a pair of dice. The goal is to scratch values of 7 or 11. If the scratched area shows a chip, you will win all five payouts. There are multipliers in this game that can range from 1x to 2000x, so it can be a rewarding game. Cards will cost between $1 and $10, and you can win a random progressive jackpot!

Live Specialty Games

If you have played at an online casino in the past, you will know that some sites provide access to live dealer games. Most players are aware that these games offer a realistic experience as they are streamed from a land casino and use live dealers to present all aspects of the game. When you access the live dealer section of an online casino, you will find the most popular traditional card and table games offered. Each site will have a variety of games that can include blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and poker games.

While traditional card and table titles are fun to play and provide players with the feeling of being in a land casino, live dealer sites will also provide access to live specialty games. These are played just like the other live games, in real-time and with the use of professional dealers or croupiers. If you want to experience a thrilling specialty game, watch for online casinos in the US that feature titles from Evolution Gaming. This provider is known for offering the best live games in the industry, and it provides some great specialty titles. Take a look at some of the titles from Evolution Gaming and other providers and learn more about what they offer in terms of betting and payouts.

  • Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt – if you have ever played NetEnt slots, you may have heard of Gonzo’s Quest. This is a popular selection, and you can also enjoy a live slot-style game that is inspired by this slot. With Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt from Evolution Gaming, you will search for hidden treasures placed on a wall containing 70 stones. You will select stones or buy picks to reveal hidden treasures for real money payouts.
  • Dream Catcher – this is a live money wheel game from Evolution Gaming that is simple to play. You will just bet on the number you think the wheel will stop on, and if you bet correctly, a payout is offered. If you enjoy Dream Catcher, be sure to check out Monopoly Live, which is the Monopoly-themed version of the game, adding Chance and 2 Rolls segments to the wheel for instant prizes, multipliers, and access to a bonus game.
  • Live Keno – at casino sites that use Ezugi, you will find Live Keno being offered. This game provides betting options from $0.50 to $200 and has an RTP of 96.34%. With this game, you can select up to 8 numbers. The game only draws a total of 20 balls from the 80 in play. You will watch balls drawn live and then announced by the game host.
  • Live Dealer Bingo – many providers are starting to develop bingo games that can also be played live. While these are not overly common today, you can expect leading companies like Evolution Gaming to start offering these games. Here, you will play just like you would in a land bingo hall. The numbers are drawn and announced by a game host, and you will mark cards to complete patterns.
  • Cash or Crash Live – another great game from Evolution Gaming; this title offers the best RTP at 99.59%. This is a very simple lottery game where you will choose a bet amount. A ball will be drawn from the middle of the screen, and if this is green, you will advance one step on the ladder. Each step offers increased payouts. When a green ball is drawn, you can choose to continue, take half of the payouts, or take all. Red balls will end the game, and you lose the wager and any amount not cashed out.

Tips to Win with Specialty Games

Since these types of casino games will not require any skills or strategies, you may wonder how you can improve your chances of winning. We have some great tips right here that can help any real money player make educated bets and boost their chances of earning profits while enjoying amazing specialty games at leading casino sites in the United States. Keep in mind that just like RNG games played at your preferred online casino, live games also have random outcomes. There is no way to predict what will happen. While using some tips will improve chances, there are no guarantees that you will win when playing any specialty games online.

If you are ready to enjoy unique games and want to break from standard casino games, make use of these player tips when selecting titles and engaging in real money play.

  • If you are playing a game that involves choosing numbers or selecting items at random, do not try to plan. Just make your selections and stick with the decision.
  • If you are playing Craps, which is often listed as a specialty game, having the many side bets may be problematic for some bettors. The best option is to select side bets that are medium risk. These provide a decent chance to win, and the payouts can be profitable.
  • Playing game show titles like Deal or No Deal? Take some time to actually watch the game show to see how it is played. This will help you feel more comfortable when making real money decisions as you play the game online.
  • Always have a budget in place. Many specialty games are fast-paced, which means players will have the chance to play many games in a short period of time. This can quickly lead to overspending, so be sure you always adhere to a budget. If you are playing live dealer specialty games, these often have higher betting limits, so you want to make sure you are wagering within your budget.
  • Always compare paytables. You will find that many specialty games are similar, and if you choose from a list of titles like scratch cards, you will want to find affordable ones that offer the best chances to win. Look at the overall payouts available, see if the casino offers a verified RTP, and make your selection using that information.