Spirit Runner iPhone Game

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Spirit Runner is an iPhone game developed by Pixel Plam Studios LLC. Powered by Unity, this colorful mobile game is a fresh addition to the mobile running genre.

In Spirit Runner, you must complete long runs in a jungle environment. You will want to collect good spirits, while avoiding bad spirits and numerous obstacles that are in your way.

Spirit Runner iPhone Game Spirit Runner iPhone Game

Collecting spirits allows you to build your way up to invincibility. In addition, you can trade the spirits you’ve collected along the way to buy power-ups to help you on your next run.

If you’ve played Temple Run or Agent Dash, then the basic mechanics here are bound to be familiar. Using a sliding motion, you can avoid from side-to-side to avoid obstacles. Slide your finger upwards to jump over gaps in the road.

Spirit Runner iPhone Game Spirit Runner iPhone Game

It’s hard not to compare endless runners to Temple Run, just because Temple Run is so widely known and beloved. All in all, Spirit Runner stands up to Temple Run quite well. The games have a similar look, with Spirit Runner looking a bit more youth-friendly and cartoonish.

In terms of controls, Spirit Runner is very responsive. The overall game feels a bit more fast-paced then Temple Run. Spirit Runner may not have yet eclipsed Temple Run in quality or popularity, but it remains a fun game nonetheless.

One thing Temple Run fans might miss when playing Spirit Runner is the seeming inability to purchase certain types of upgrades. While it doesn’t seem like you can buy avatar skins, you can purchase magnets and shields.

Still waiting to get your hands on a shiny new iPhone? Those of you who are rocking an older iOS device should note that the developers suggest Spirit Runner is best enjoyed on the iPhone 4 and newer devices.

Want more? Check out a video demo of this game on YouTube!

Spirit Runner requires iOS 5.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.