There’s something irresistible about a flying piece of tofu that flies like a ninja and carries himself with the dignity of a samurai. Enter the world of HotGen‘s popular sequel, To-Fu 2.

In To-Fu 2 the name of the game is all about reuniting To-Fu with his pink, confetti filled chi. Making his way to chi is a simple matter of tofu flinging that starts with placing your finger on To-Fu and then pulling him in the desired direction. He flies with precision toward his target, making some of the cutest sound effects I’ve ever heard in an iOS game.

Conceptually the objective is simple, but as To-Fu advances from one level to the next finding his way to chi at the end of each level becomes increasingly difficult. Sometimes it’s spikes or switches that stand in To-Fu’s way. Other times he has to navigate rotating blocks, break through wood, or avoid temperamental lasers that threaten to fry him to a crisp.

Each challenge standing in To-Fu’s way requires a slightly different level of adroitness, whether it’s skilled timing or absolute accurate flinging. Either way, absolute mastery is key. To-Fu’s performance is measured on two things. The first is his ability to gather all of the blue orbs floating in each level. (Gathering them is as easy as crossing their path during the level.) The second goal is to minimize the number of flicks it takes to find chi at the end of the level.

If you neglect too many blue orbs or take too many flicks before finding the end of the level then your score is lower, but as long as you find chi safely To-Fu can continue to the next level. All said and done there are 100 levels for To-Fu to conquer. Some of these levels feel like power bonus gift levels while others require absolute precision and practice.

Either way, it’s the details of To-Fu 2 that make it such a great time. For example, To-Fu bows at the beginning of each level like a respectful samurai. Hang him upside down and the tie of his red eye mask dangles below him, showing the gravity of To-Fu’s situation as he seeks chi. For 99 cents this is a fun little puzzler you’ll find yourself returning to again and again.

Bottom Line: To-Fu 2 is equal parts action flyer and mental exercise, with a more creative premise than most games out there these days.