Square, the mobile payment processing company, launched a revamped iOS application yesterday that looks to streamline the check out process on the iPhone and iPad.

The ‘Square Register’ iPad app essentially brings the cash register to Apple’s famed tablet. Not only can business owners customize the iPad with product photos and price points, Square can also track inventory and generate digital receipts.

“Cash registers and credit card terminals are relics of an expensive, complicated, and impersonal commercial transaction system,” according to Square CEO Jack Dorsey, who unveiled Square’s future Monday. “We’re transforming everyday transactions between buyers and sellers into something special.”

The “Menus” feature, for example, allows businesses to create a digital board that advertises current menus, daily specials, and trending items on the customer’s phone.

If that prompts someone to make a purchase, meanwhile, users can use the new “Card Case” feature to set up Tabs at their favorite merchants. The Card Case service is activated via a text message invitation from Square after you make a credit card purchase.

“Order a coffee or sandwich, and walk away. Payment is automatic,” according to Dorsey. “The Square card case is the simplest and most magical way to pay everyday.”

A complete list of optimized businesses be found on Square’s official website. Businesses that want to sign up for Square’s “Card Case” can do so on the same site.

‘Square’ is currently available in the iOS app store for the iPhone and iPad.

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