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Star Girl: Beauty Queen is an Android game with a focus on glamour, fashion and success. The aim is to climb the ladder of success to become an A-List celebrity.

The game originates from Facebook, and avid users have the chance to carry over their progress from Facebook to their Android game, so there’s no need to start from scratch.

Users can help spring-board their character’s life to success via a singing, modelling or acting career, but doesn’t offer the option to achieve anything via more talent-based professions – which is a shame.


Glamour, Glitz and Love

The core aim of the game is to strutt your stuff as an aspiring celebrity. You can improve your style with a change of clothes or accessories, find other celebrities to date, and – over time, become famous.

Shopping Malls can be attended, you can enter fashion competitions, visit and call friends, and even apply for jobs. Unfortunately, as previously mentioned, the three jobs on offer are always “Singer, Model or Actor”.

The game is brilliantly thought out, but relies on gender stereotypes to sell itself. Many young females may like the idea of playing an aspring model, whilst others may feel upset that the game offers no option for conventional work.

Becoming a writer or publisher of the fashion magazine for example,could have easily been worked in.


Star Girl: Beauty Queen Design & Game Play

One thing that did impress me regarding Star Girl: Beauty Queen, is the design quality of the game.

Characters, menus, buttons and game interfaces are all expertly polished to look aesthetically pleasing, and this theme remains throughout the different sections of them game – which is always good to see.

What’s more is, there can be no mistake that the game is deep in terms of content and playability. As well as the option to further your career, you can also meet and fall in love with people, call and visit friends, go shopping, play mini games to win rewards, and so much more.

Final Remarks

The concept of Star Girl: Beauty Queen as a game doesn’t resonate with me personally, and I think the target market of the game could benefit more from a game layered with more substance, rather than the superficial lifestyle of a celebrity.

However, with that being said, I cannot fault the excellent design and build quality of Star Girl: Beauty Queen. From start to finish, the game looks fantastic, and actually playing it was interesting simply because of the depth it offers.

So, although I can’t relate to the idea upon which Star Girl: Beauty Queen is built upon, I can compliment it on its snazzy looks and engaging game play.

Download Star Girl: Beauty Queen from Google Play on Android devices running Android version 2.2 and up.