Storage items for your products

Plastic containers are very popular these days. There are many reasons why they are so popular. Read this article to the end to find out about advantages of using plastic containers, the material, popular bottom shapes and capacity of the containers. What is more, you can also get to know the specification of one plastic container.

1. Why is it worth choosing plastic containers?

2. The material the food storage is made of

3. What is the capacity of the plastic containers?

4. What are the most popular closure types applied in plastic storage?

5. What are the most common bottom shapes?

6. One example of a plastic container

Why is it worth choosing plastic containers?

There are many reasons why you should consider storage containers made of plastic. First of all, they are water and heat resistant. It means they can store items in various temperatures and you can be sure that the product will be fresh and its consistency will be at the right level. Secondly, the plastic containers are light. It means that they are easy to carry by the clients. Thirdly, most plastic packaging does not react with food items and the environment. The fourth advantage of plastic containers is its durability and high quality. They are definitely long lasting products. The next benefit of having plastic containers is the possibility to have products of various dimensions. It is easy to manufacture products of different dimensions. The last advantage of plastic containers – is the price of the containers. It is affordable for the majority of food producers who want to sell their items in HDPE containers.

The material the food storage is made of

The majority of plastic storage totes that you can find in your shop are made of HDPE. It is high density polyethylene that is considered to be one of the durable and the strongest materials that is present on the market according to many experts. The other materials that are used in manufacturing of most plastic containers are the following: R-HDPE, PP and LDPE. Each of them meet the European Union regulations and they are safe for food products.

What is the capacity of the plastic containers?

The storage items are available in many capacities. The customer may select one of them between 500 to 2040 milliliters. The capacity meets the expectations of the majority of customers because they can select the right size for their product. Among different packaging, you can see the plastic storage of 1000 milliliters, 1300 milliliters or 2040 milliliters. The exact size of the packaging can be chosen individually with the manufacturer.

What are the most popular closure types applied in plastic storage?

When you think about those white boxes where you can keep food items, you should also think about the closure types that have been applied in them. The most common are: lid, disc top, dispenser and flip top. In addition, there are also screw on, snap on, push pull, trigger sprayer, CRC closure and other types. The closures were designed to close and open the packaging in a short time. It should be useful for different age groups, such as elderly people as well as children.

What are the most common bottom shapes?

The next thing that should be considered before you decide to purchase storage totes for food and water products is the bottom shape. Many plastic containers manufacturers inc design different shapes for their HDPE containers. However, the most popular is circle one. There are also other shapes of boxes that are worth considering, for example oval and rectangular.

One example of a plastic container

When you have already learned about different bottom shapes, capacities, closure types and the material the boxes of different sizes are made of, it is the highest time to get to know one of the packaging. It is called Orlando and its capacity is 1000 milliliters. The materials that were used to produce the item are called HDPE and R-HDPE. Its dimensions are acceptable by many customers. It is 162 millimeters high, 96,7 millimeters wide and 96,7 millimeters deep. The bottom shape that was applied is circular. It is a very light packaging (it weighs only 43 grams) that can be used in numerous industries from food manufacturers to car parts producers. It is a very popular clear product that can be seen on the shelves in many shops worldwide.

The storage totes made of HDPE plastic are very popular these days. They are affordable for every company and what is more, they have many advantages, such as durability, water and heat resistance. The storage totes are available in many sizes, so they are very attractive for the majority of customers who are looking for the product of particular dimensions. Moreover, the plastic containers have many closure types and bottom sizes. As you can see in the last paragraph, the Orlando type is a product that meets expectations of many buyers. Its dimensions are satisfied to many buyers who also appreciate the high quality product.