STP Trading Model

Out of all the new ways beginner traders can enter the Forex, one method stands out. STP is an excellent and convenient model that allows you to start trading on better, more profitable conditions.

What is STP?

STP, or Straight Through Processing is a kind of brokerage service that sends out orders as directed by clients straight to larger brokers and banks, a.k.a the liquidity providers.

Trading with the Best STP Broker gives you the freedom to start trading straight to the market, which makes it the ideal choice for expert advisor trading, news trading and scalping, all of which are primary sources of making an income in the Forex. The STP model operates in total transparency as it doesn’t take into account dealing desks. This makes it an ideal medium for first-time trading experiences.

Better Spreads, Leading Executions and Prices

In the world of foreign exchange, there are quite a few number of options where you can get information.

STP brokers by themselves give you direct access to liquidity providers offering currencies at different prices, thereby guaranteeing you, the trader the best ask price and bid price all the time.

Anonymous Forex Trading

All orders sent via STP are considered anonymous, which means that any pertinent information such as strategy, account number, trade history and TP and SL levels are not disclosed. Traders can skip on experiencing stop loss hunting, delayed order executions, and worse pricing.

Fast Order Execution

STP brokerage saves traders from stressful requotes and enables a speedier market execution. The brokers themselves only charge clients on the commissions and spread for trade executions, which eliminate conflicts of interest between the two parties. You can start orders as soon as financial or economic news come out without any restrictions whatsoever.

If you’ve got the capital and a large investment, then STP is the best choice. Individuals who have small capital must commit to increasing their startup money before entering the world of straight through processing.