Strategy tactics WWII

[googleplay url=”″] Strategy & Tactics: WWII is an excellently polished turn-based tactical warfare game by seasoned developers, HeroCraft. The historical accuracies and engaging story lines add to the immersion factor, whilst the gameplay itself is extremely addictive.

As you progress through the single player campaigns, you have the chance to take charge of the Axis, Allied and USSR powers, each one with their own compelling storyline. After completing the tutorial phase, you’re thrown straight into the thick of the action with the Axis campaign. Your aim is to advance through the different provinces and areas which make up nations. Enemy forces occupy and protect each province, and so you’ll need to use tactical ingenuity to destroy them first.

Strategy tactics WII

Using the turn-based warfare system, you can relocate, attack and support your troops as you move forward. Gaining land comes with extra resources, which you can then spend on reinforcements, upgrades and research. With each attack, you can decide upon how much of your army, to send into battle. For example, you may want to send 5 troops and one tank to fight, and send three of your troops to defend a separate province via relocation.

Multiple moves such as these in each round add plenty of depth to the gameplay. As you progress, you’ll be able to purchase aircraft, tanks and other military equipment. Your aircraft can attack your enemies from a distance, paving the way for your ground troops. Aside from the campaign mode, you have the option to play skirmish matches, as well as multiplayer via a ‘Hotseat’ mode played on one device, or via Wifi.

Strategy tactics WWII Strategy & Tactics: WWII creates an immersive storyline via black & white cut scenes, setting the scene before each battle. The visuals are well thought out and of a high quality, reflecting the colours and designs commonly associated with the second World War. The in-game visuals are pretty, yet simplistic, which is all you can ask for when it comes to turn-based games. Background music and sound effects also add a nice touch.

The interface in general is well set out, although at first the buttons and options seem confusing. You will probably find yourself tapping each button just to see what the functions are. In terms of depth, Strategy & Tactics: WWII offers plenty. Three separate campaigns, online and offline multiplayer, skirmish modes and hardcore modes offer endless game time. HeroCraft have perfectly balanced addictive gameplay and content depth to create a fantastic playing experience.

Overall, Strategy & Tactics: WWII boasts great, accurate campaigns and game modes paired with compelling turn-based warfare gameplay. A must have for tactical warfare lovers.

Strategy & Tactics: WWII is available from the Google Play Store for Android devices running Android 2.3 and up.