Sunny Drops iPhone Game

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Sunny Drops is an iPhone game developed by Eligo Games, LTD. In this 3D puzzle game, you are tasked with refracting light around the screen. Use the light to open up beautiful flowers and release fairies!

After the fairies have been released, they will set on a flower and set up “ghost traps.” These traps grab ghosts from out of the air, effectively ending the level. The levels are set across a wide array of terrain: a beach at sunset, a forest, a “winter wonderland,” the savannah, Stonehenge, and even a tomb.

Sunny Drops iPhone Game Sunny Drops iPhone Game

The sound design here is charming and appropriate for the game. The music is a bit ethereal, and the fairy dialogue walks the line between feisty and dainty, and it’s quite charming.

The controls in Sunny Drops are fairly straightforward. You need to drag a light-throwing orb across the screen and position it near an unopened flower. Next, drag that same orb near the sleeping fairy to wake it up. The fairy will then fly to the newly opened flower and banish the ghosts.

Sunny Drops iPhone Game Sunny Drops iPhone Game

Sunny Drops starts off slow, and very simple. However, the difficulty picks up rather quickly, and it won’t be long before you have to juggle multiple orbs or flash the lights through multiple refracting crystals.

If you wake the fairy before you open up the new flower, the fairy will fly away. As a consolation prize, you will be presented with a quote about nature from a famous person.

Boasting 90 unique puzzles across 6 gorgeous locations, Sunny Drops is a uniquely beautiful puzzle experience. While there are some annoying banner ads that cut into the beauty of this elegant puzzler, Sunny Drops is, overall, a pretty enjoyable experience.

Sunny Drops is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

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