Price: $0.99   Score: 9/10    Category: Games

With graphics straight out of the 1980’s, Super Mega Worm from developer Decreased Pixel LLC proves that you don’t need flashy visuals to create a great game.

Or a compelling story, for that matter. In Super Mega Worm you’re a massive bad-ass worm summoned by Mother Earth to rid the planet of humans for their littering and plundering ways. Your mission is to destroy as many of the little critters as you can, as fast you can, and not to stop for anything.

The game has 24 levels – which I played through start to finish the first time I fired up the app. Chewing through the levels in 8-bit glory is seriously addictive, but not especially challenging (at least on normal difficulty). The “level” itself doesn’t really change, more so the number and variety of bad dudes you have to exterminate increases with the introduction of tanks, helicopters and aircraft in later levels.

Your worm gets a number of “evolution” upgrades too, with “spit” and “EMP” abilities being added as you progress through the game, in addition to getting larger and faster with every level that passes. By using the speed ability, you can even launch yourself high into the air to take down birds, parachutists and a number of other airborne targets.

The controls are easy and straight forward to learn, you simply control the direction of the worm with your left thumb on a virtual D-pad and control special abilities such as spit and EMP with your right hand. There are other control options that you can toggle on or off in the main menu including tilt or slide if you so desire.

Bottom Line: Super Mega Worm is good solid retro-style action for under a dollar.