Surface Phone Released by Microsoft Windows; Sorry, Lumia Fans
Surface Phone Released by Microsoft Windows; Sorry, Lumia Fans

Microsoft Windows announced that over 1,850 jobs are in jeopardy after Windows released images of the new “Surface Phone” (a new flagship device like the Galaxy or LG G series).This is because Windows is expected to discontinue Lumia, but it’s impossible to tell for sure yet.

SAN JOSE, CA– Windows started these rumors with the worst news first- lots of people are going to be losing their jobs; including 1,850 employees that worked on the original designs for the Windows Phone. Then, speculation and leaksters from Softpedia released some concept designs that look like a huge; tablet-sized “Surface Phone” online.

Right Now It’s Hard to Tell if The Design is Real, Forbes Has Their Doubts

Microsoft has explicitly stated that they are working on a new phone design; but they haven’t officially verified the design. That being said, a Forbes reporter wrote an article that suggested that the images for Surface Phones are no different than the models already on the market.

Whether or not this release is “official” is still anyone’s guess; but the facts remain that Microsoft will develop a new Surface Phone by 2017. This phone is expected to be top-of-the-line, with an oversized screen display, 2K resolution, and the newest generation of Snapdragon processor
technology. Top it off with a premium quality 3,000mAh battery and a powerful 20 MP camera lens, and you’ve got a phone to be excited about.

Other Speculation on the New Microsoft Windows Surface Phone

Other news sources have released other types of speculation about different varieties of Surface mobile phones with widely varying specs and price ranges. They suspect the base model will be equipped with at least 4GB of RAM and built in storage up to 64GB. The next models get impressive: a 6GB RAM model with 128GB of onboard storage, and an even more powerful 8GB RAM option (that matches many PC models) and over 512GB of storage capacity built-in.

No More Lumia?

Microsoft has been said to be extremely focused on this new phone model (more so than the Lumia or Surface Pro), which could pose a serious threat to the already relatively unpopular Lumia line. Because of the release of layoffs, it’s expected that pretty much all of the older Nokia line staff might face the same fate, but there’s still no definite answers regarding the Lumia brand, other extremely reduced price margins. Many blame the lack of popularity of the Lumia to the fact that it’s stuck to low-quality carriers like AT&T. What do you think?