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SurveyToGo for Android is a fantastic data collection and survey application, brought to us by Dooblo. The app allows you to create, conduct & manage electronic mobile surveys – right from your Android device.

Once you have downloaded SurveyToGo, you will be presented with a log in screen. In order to sign up, you must visit the Dooblo website and click the “Try SurveryToGo, Free” button.

After signing up to SurveryToGo, you may then revisit your Android app, where you can type in your SurveryToGo account credentials. This will give you full access to the pre-loaded surveys and options avalable within the app upon installation.


Simple Surveys

SurveyToGo offers a simple solution to managing electronic mobile surveys, Laptop field surveys and surveys carried out on mobile devices. Your surveys are first designed, then saved to the serve, and then synchronized to your Android device ready to collect data and record information.

The app is specifically designed tool designed specifically for organizations or individuals with field data collection needs – and it does a good job of meeting that need.

Once you create and use your surveys, or even use some of the pre-loaded surveys, the information you record can be synced with the server, allowing you to access it from a Laptop or desktop PC.


SurveryToGo’s user interface and menu system is bland and slightly confusing. Getting used to the application will certainly take some time, as minimal instructions can be found within the app itself.

Taking down and recording information is simple enough once you get used to the controls, and the loading times are generally low, which is essential for data collection outside of the home or office.

Despite its tricky menus and difficult interface, SurveyToGo caters for all types of data collectors. The app can be used for personal research, as well as for corporate use, in the form of market research and customer engagement.

Final Remarks

To conclude, SurveyToGo is capable of allowing simple, easy to access surveys and questionnaires from your Android device. The app can sync all of your collected information back to the server, making it easy for you or colleagues to review the data at a later date, on a PC or Laptop..

SurveyToGo for Android is not the best looking, not is it that easy to get used to. However, it certainly does what it says on the tin.

Download SurveyToGo from Google Play free of charge on Android devices running Android 2.0 and up.

Images: Dooblo