T-MobileThe grueling wait is finally over for Apple-loving T-Mobile users. One of the largest mobile carriers in the U.S. is finally striking a deal with Apple to carry their products in 2013.

Announced on Thursday in their final-quarter financial statement, T-Mobile revealed that they have entered into an agreement with Apple, filling what many T-Mobile users would refer to as a major gap in the carrier’s product line. Though they don’t specify which Apple products they will be offering, it is assumed by customers and critics alike that the iPhone 5 and likely the iPad will be among the new choices.

Patrons of T-Mobile will no longer have to glare in jealous anticipation as Verizon, Sprint and AT&T customers, just as they have for the last 6 years, flaunt their iPhone4, 4s, and now iPhone 5’s. Though T-Mobile exec’s have defended themselves by saying Apple’s unwillingness to budge on their extremely high asking price is what has been preventing a deal, many T-Mobile users have become fed up and joined the ranks of  the Apple-selling carrier’s customers.

T-Mobile has, in the past half decade, attempted to stop increasing business loss by advertising  its unusually cheap data plans that were being marketed toward customers who own an unlocked iPhone.It is obvious, though, that the hemorrhaging of business is likely what sparked T-mobile to pursue a deal with Apple once again.

To accommodate the new deal, T-Mobile also announced that it will be expanding it’s 4G reach to 14 new metro areas.  By the end of 2012 the following cities will receive 4G coverage: NYC, Newark, Boston, Cambridge, Springfield, Providence, Philadelphia, Detroit, Warren, Dallas, Ft.Worth, Austin, San Antonio, and Tampa.

With the announcement of the new deal with Apple and the expansion of their 4G network, T-Mobile is on track to not only stop customer loss to their Apple-carrying competitors, but to see growth in their customer base that has been, up until now, difficult for the carrier to achieve.


Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/12/06/t-mobile-iphone-apple-ipad_n_2250966.html


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