Talent Pipeline LongTerm Strategies to Use to Build a Technology Talent Pipeline

Various factors determine the consistent growth of your company. Staffing is the second essential factor after business marketing. With the rapid technology evolution happening today, it is evident that companies, especially the technology firms, need to have a pipeline of talents where they can source suitable candidates for relevant roles in a company in the future. Having a talent pipeline ensures that your tech company never goes short of staff. Developing a tech talent pipeline of the most reliable candidates is not an easy task. It would be best if you have useful tactics. In this article, we will discuss long-term strategies that you can use to build a tech-talent pipeline – proven strategies that tech staffing agencies utilize while developing a streamlined talent pipeline.

Developing a talent pipeline saves you hiring time, reduces employee turnover, and ensures your company’s smooth running. It is advisable to note that while building a pipeline, you are making a relationship with candidates that your company will need in the future. Therefore, while developing a tech-talent pipeline, you will need to shift from a standard or reactive recruitment system to a proactive recruitment and management system of talent networks.

Here are long-term strategies to use to build a technology talent pipeline

Strategy 1: Engage in Demand Forecast and Planning

How fast is your company growing? What specific department of your tech company might have a gap soon? And how much talent will you need? Are questions that you should try to answer while planning to develop a pipeline for your company? Answering these questions could be challenging, especially if you are new to the industry. Constant changes within the company and in the market complicate the situation even more.

Successful business people anticipate the success of their companies. Therefore, they can identify the most urgent talents that their companies may need. However, with the frequent changes in the tech market, business people and staffing agencies focus on not only the specific job titles but also the broader business capabilities and marketplace competitiveness. They then use the information they gather from business growth and market forecast, plan for future staff demand.

Engaging in demand planning helps you cater to your business’s future demand for employees. Like the successful business people, you need to have a top-knowledge of your company and the market in general. After engaging in a demand forecast and planning, it will be easier for you to identify your target candidates.

Strategy 2: Identify Your Target Candidates

Identifying target candidates is more natural if you understand all aspects of your company and the market place. Identifying your target candidates will require you to determine competency and credential requirements. To define, you need to create employee personas to represent the right target candidates. The persona should have the skills and traits your target candidates should have. Creating personas involves spending your time on in-depth research, survey, and analysis. Note that the world is a pool of potential candidates for your company.

Here is the kind of information you will be looking for while researching, for persona creation

  • Experience – What level of experience does your company needs? Do you need candidates experienced in certain areas, or are you willing to offer training? Identifying the experience level, you need your targets to have will enable you to narrow down the large pool of potential candidates.
  • Background –Identifying your target’s background is essential while identifying your target candidates. What is the working history of the target candidates? What is the educational attainment of your prospect? Pinpointing the vital parts of the targets’ background helps you identify your company’s right suit. However, it is advisable to note that the successful experience of a target candidate with other companies does not guarantee that candidate’s suitability.
  • Demographic Location – Where do you want to hire? Do you want to hire employees with the same culture as your company? Note that employees’ customs and beliefs may affect the performance of your company significantly.
  • Goals and Interest – People’s goals and interest varies wildly. And this can dramatically affect the performance of your business. Therefore, it would be helpful to get employees with interests that favor your company. You can learn about the attention of your targets from their social media account.

Although creating personas consumes much time, it is worth it, as it will enable you to identify perfect matches for your pipeline and company. You can create survey forms on your personal and company’s website and social media accounts to minimize the time you spend on creating personas for your pipeline creation.

Strategy 3: Fill Your Pipeline

While talent pipeline serves your company’s future needs, it is tricky sourcing candidates for positions that are not yet vacant. It would be best if you find ways to source without inconveniencing the candidates. You have to be honest with them. Let them know you are not hiring at that moment but will hire soon. If the target candidate shows interest, let them drive the communication – show them that you respect their time.

While filling your pipeline, you need first to identify and analyze the talent flow. Where can you find the qualified talent you need? There are various ways to source the right candidates for your pipeline.

Here are a few tactics you can use to fill your pipeline

1. Re-engaging previous interviewees

Candidates who showed interest in your company in the past are ideal candidates for your pipeline. According to studies, an average corporate role receives an average of 250 applicants, which leaves 249 potential workers unemployed. Re-engaging the previous unsuccessful interviewees is a great way to fill your pipeline.

2. Talent Attraction Campaigns

Creating talent attraction campaigns will enable you to source the right candidates for your pipeline at ease. You can create these campaigns on your personal and the business’s social accounts and website. Here, the interested candidates will apply hence making it easier for you to select the best ones. Remember to incorporate requirements as in the persona you created.

3. Hold Company-Related Events

Events are great ways of meeting your potential candidates. However, the activities should be pipeline-aligned. Invite potential employees and show interest in working with them.

While filling your pipeline, ensure to select candidates that match your persona.

Strategy 4: Nurture Your Pipeline

Filling your pipeline is not enough. Note that the candidates will be useful in the future. You, therefore, have to keep your relationship with the candidate for the longest time possible. Maintain regular communications with them.


Talent Pipelining is a long process. To keep your pipeline useful, you have to practice the discussed strategies repeatedly. Always keep it updated with the right match of candidates you might need in the future.

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