Tank Titans HD iPad Game

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Tank Titans HD is an universal iPad app designed by Reece Campbell / Campbell Tech Ltd. You can blow up tons of stuff in this game…if the pop-ups don’t drive you mad first.

Having played this freebie on both an iPad and an iPhone, I have to say I enjoyed the iPad experience a bit more. Size does matter, and with this type of game, you really want a bigger screen.

Tank Titans HD iPad Game Tank Titans HD iPad Game

One thing I absolutely hated about this game were the pop-up ads. I had two pop-ups hit me before I even started playing, and that aggressive use of ads was a real turn-off. I also had a pop-up dialogue window ask me if I wanted to upgrade my tank in the in-game store before I had even played the game for 4 minutes. Three annoying pop-ups before I’ve even finished a single round of gameplay is not a great way to let players get immersed in the world of the game.

There were a few other minor things I disliked about this game. There were some typos, and some of the early game screens that give you game instructions flashed by too quickly to fully take in. I wish I could have perused them at my leisure. I also had the game crash on me a couple of times.

Tank Titans HD iPad Game Tank Titans HD iPad Game

The one stellar part of this game was the graphics. They were really nice, but I do wish that the environments had a greater level of realism when you blow stuff up.

Overall, skip this game for now. It has the potential to be great fun, but the pop-ups, crashes, and generally slapdash nature of the interface make it practically unplayable in its current state. It just feels like a cash grab, and that’s a real bummer. For a game that billed itself as “realistic,” this was kind of a disappointment.

Want more? Check out this YouTube clip to see the game in action.

Tank Titans HD requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.