Bublup App Review

Bublup makes cloud storage come alive by allowing you to save anything you want in one, beautiful place.

In our Bublup review, we’ll discuss some of the most useful features of the organizing app and why we love it.

What is Bublup?

Bublup is a visual-centric, cloud storage app where you can save just about any kind of content. Imagine if google drive, Pinterest, and bookmarks had a baby – that’s Bublup!

The main value prop of Bublup is that you can store are music, photos, notes, documents, webpage links, and more in one place. Whenever you want to save something for later simply save it to Bublup and access it from any device.

Compared to smartphone storage, Bublup is prettier, easier, more intuitive. And you can organize every kind of content you’ve saved in unlimited folders and subfolders so you can find anything you need quickly.

How Can You Use Bublup?

Bublup caters to just about everyone. From the casual recipe saver, to the hustler entrepreneur, Bublup’s interface and UI makes saving whatever you need easy and efficient.

Professionals can use it to showcase their creative work or share a portfolio in job interviews. Educators can save and share resources with their students. And even small or medium-sized businesses can benefit from the collaborative aspects like group folders, comments, and reactions. There are controls that allow you to keep a folder secure so you only share what you want with who you want.

For everyday use, you can use the organizing app to save family photos, organize recipes, or for planning a party or trip. Best of all, it’s easy to use so you can find the content you need anytime.

Bublup Features

It’s Totally Free

Bublup deserves a try since it’s very useful and comes 100 percent free. It also offers premium tiers for purchase if you find you need more storage.

Lots of Storage

With a free account, you get 3GB of storage. However, you can earn more – for every successful referral or group folder invitation you get an extra 1 GB for free for life (up to 12GB). Files up to 3GB can be uploaded to the cloud server with the free version and up to 50GB (on desktop) with a premium subscription. 

The ‘Roll’

Content creators will love this feature. Bublup has an exclusive ‘Roll’ function that turns all the saved content in a folder into an instant web page called a ‘Roll’. You can customize the layout and theme, and even brand them for professional use with a logo and unique URL.

Should You Download Bublup Organizing App Today?

Bublup gets 5-stars for turning cloud storage and organization into a work of art. It makes total sense for content organization to be a visual aspect, something that Bublup excels in. We definitely recommend you download and try out Bublup today!

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