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Make it for Teachers & School is a great piece of educational software developed by Planet Factory Interactive that succeeds due to its breadth of features.

Edutainment applications are not hard to find on iOS devices, there are a multitude of educational tools and games available for consumers. Make it for Teachers & School aims to approach this market in a different way, with an application designed specifically with the classroom in mind.


Make it for Teachers & School is an edutainment game creation tools, allowing teachers to create interactive educational content for their students. The creation tools are varied and diverse, allowing the creation of all forms of activities, from simple quizzes all the way to choose your own adventure style stories. The tools can be a little time consuming to use, but this stems from the fact that they offer a huge amount of customization options, even including the ability to import custom graphics and sound.

Make it for Teachers & School also excels in how easy it is to share an activity once it is created, a project need only be quickly uploaded to the servers, and then a simple url will link directly to the activity. These activities run in-broswer on computers, and on the iPad through a download of the free version of the application. In an application about content creation, being able to share content easily is very important, and Make it for Teachers & School doesn’t disappoint in this regard.


Unfortunately, Make it for Teachers & School isn’t perfect, it does suffer from a few small nagging polish issues that hurt the appeal of the application as a professional tool. The interface for the creation tools is quite unappealing, missing the kinds of small animations and sounds that make a user interface a joy to use. There are also a few spelling mistakes, which is a shame for an application focused on education. The largest of these gripes however, is the slow performance of these activities once they are published and shared. There can be quite a bit of loading involved even with a fast internet connection, especially when the activities are run in a browser.


These shortcomings do hurt the overall product, but they aren’t enough to detract from what the app does right. A few small updates is all it would take to clear these issues up, but even in its current state Make it for Teachers & School comes recommended for those teachers looking to add some excitement to the classroom.

Make it for Teachers & School requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPad. Follow Tapscape for the latest iPhone app reviews.