Price: $0.99    Score: 8/10    Category: Games

Temple Run is the latest release from Imangi Studios, LLC, creators of Harbor Master.  In this running platformer, you play as a treasure hunter escaping from the angry guardians of an ancient temple.  You must jump, slide and quickly turn as you collect coins and outrun your pursuers.

Temple Run has a gorgeous 3D rendered world that looks like something straight out of Indiana Jones.  You will run over vine covered rocks and broken wooden bridges, jump over ancient tree stumps, and slide under arches of fire.  If you miss a turn, you may splash into the river, smash into a bridge or just trip over  your own feet and get caught.  No matter whether running or splashing, Temple Run looks great!


Though Temple Run is technically a platform-type game, the world moves with you as you run.  If you turn left, the world view rotates with you, creating a seamless gaming experience.  You don”t run to a certain point on the screen and exit through a door; you keep running and the world changes with you as you move.

And, although exciting to play, this game style does have it”s disadvantages.  The game feels a bit frantic and there is no pause in between levels for a breath.  Also, there is no plot being advanced: you just run until you die and then begin at the beginning again.  Because of this, there are not online casino as many world environment changes as there are in a traditional level game.  The Temple Run world is stunning to look at and fun to play, but more variety and a story line would make it even better.


The controls are simple to use.  A swipe up to jump, swipe down to slide, swipe left or right to turn in that direction and tilt the iPhone to move when collecting coins.  Unfortunately, the controls are so sensitive that if a swipe left has a bit of an upward sweep to it, the hero jumps instead.  This happened on numerous occasions, with a jump or slide occurring instead of a turn with the hero smashing into something, which can be quite frustrating.

Bottom line: The 3D rendered world of Temple Run is fantastic to view and fun to play.  Sadly, there is not enough variation over the course of the game play to make this a game that will be played long-term.  On the other hand, it”s so reasonably priced that most gamers will get their money”s worth before becoming bored.